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who the *&^ was this?

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who the *&^ was this?

Postby LindseySays » Wed Feb 28, 2018 3:57 am

I had an experience; at work tonight, a customer was taking a while when it was time to close up. which meant that we had to stay a bit late. after being politely suggestive that it was closeup time, she was still dragging her feet a bit. so i was to go out into the hallway, lock the door and await her being ready to leave (with her daughter) so that we could actually closeup shop.
so she was dragging her feet more and more. i switched in the hall; i went from having the key ready by the door, to pacing loudly back and forth repetitively (4 times) and i kicked at a shelf in an annoyed manner. as it's happening, i get this 'this is petty; just stop; just calm down' feeling but at the same time the actions are still happening. i do not even think that she or my coworker noticed at all because there's a door between store and where i was, but the kick was a little loud in a metallic sense (Not enough to, like, break the shelf)
but... who was this? definitely an alter; definitely Not us (daily present/good working alters) but this alter also appears when, say, we are ready to go on break (tired, hungry, back hurting) and have to, say, wait because someone is being difficult at work.
not that i expect any of you readers to know, say, who this alter is by name; that might be our job. new alter... new manifestation of self-defensive/protective alter who would mouth off? wow.

-- Tue Feb 27, 2018 11:04 pm --

Further internal dialogue reveals that this is a suspicion that we have had for a while; that we have a confused nonverbal alter who is probably on the autism spectrum. we plan to look further into our internal space, communicate in a loving and accepting manner.
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