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Depression and relationship issues

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Depression and relationship issues

Postby hardtoexpress » Wed Jan 29, 2020 12:09 pm

I find life dull and pointless and every day I have to go into my work feels like I’m living a pointless tragedy. I was on the bus this morning as the sun was rising and thought about how nice it would be to go for a walk. But instead I was going into a dark office, where I won’t leave until after the sun goes down again.
My work is not so bad but it is just so boring and utterly pointless. If the company I worked for closed tomorrow, nobody would care. While the work is not nasty or evil, it provides absolutely nothing of value to society. I’ve been here for four years and each day feels more worthless than the last. What is the point of staying alive to do this crap for the next 30, 40 years?
All day long I have to listen to my co-workers talking and it hurts my head. All I want is quiet. I asked could I do my job from home, even a couple of days a week, which I can see no reason against but they said no.
To be honest, home life isn’t great either. Me and my girlfriend are very different and this is becoming more of an issue as time goes by. She is so outgoing and when we’re off work all she wants to do is go out and talk. But I’m so tired all the time. All I want to do is hang out with my dog and play video games. They’re two of the few things that bring me happiness now. But usually I’m dragged out somewhere I don’t want to be and my girlfriend gets angry with me for being in a bad mood or wanting to go home early.
We’re both in our 30s now and I really thought she’d be after calming down by now but she always wants to socialise. She actually said that going out is who she is and I am so sick of it. We’ve been together for nearly five years and I don’t know what to do.
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Re: Depression and relationship issues

Postby Philonoe » Thu Aug 20, 2020 6:18 am

hi hardtoexpress,

You seem to need a job that has more sense to you. can you investigate that way? You can think on the long run - job takes much time in your life. Maybe you can build an other activity?
It can take time but is worth looking for it...

Once you are more happy with what you want to do, it could make you feel better with yourself.

(Probably in the last monthes your girlfriend had to stay home too? how did you two cope with that?)
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