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It's a strange feeling...

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It's a strange feeling...

Postby boogie_down » Mon Jul 16, 2012 6:57 am

So, I detached from the US Navy over a year ago. Since I detached, my life has kind of been a blur. I am doing very well in college, trying to make myself better, but a few weeks ago, I had yet another serious mental breakdown (and to be honest, it was induced by alcohol). This one was the worst I've had in a while, and it cost me dearly... My fiance became scared of me, and in turn left.

What is worse is that I feel like I have no reason to feel that I'm suffering from PTSD, which is one of the biggest reason I don't seek out help. I was never technically in combat, so I feel like I will take away from the vets that were in combat, and that my problems don't even compare to theirs.

The worst part is, I can't even talk about what happened because of security reasons and such. The gist of it is, I never saw anyone die, but I did see a ship get pirated, and was forced to listen to a recording over and over again transcribing it to send to some general. Then, after deployment, my best friend who I had a falling out with because his wife said I was having sex with her, when I wasn't, died in a car crash and this was three weeks after another friend died for driving drunk on a motorcycle.

Anyways, these things just... they don't seem like things that would be the cause of PTSD, but everyone that I talk to says I have it... Any advice or help is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.
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Re: It's a strange feeling...

Postby janjones » Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:47 pm

Hi boogie_down,

I'm sorry to hear about your problems with (presumably) PTSD and losing your fiance.

I don't know who told you that you have PTSD but, I would certainly make an appointment at the VA to discuss it. You are having problems that are adversely effecting your life and relationships. You don't need to suffer just because your trauma isn't as traumatic as someone elses. You have served your country. You need help. You should get help. Please reconsider using the VA's resources sooner rather than later, before you have another episode with more fall out and repercussions.

Best wishes and take care.
I am not on the forum much these days. Please contact another staff member. Thank you.
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Re: It's a strange feeling...

Postby WiseMonkey » Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:54 pm

Hi boogie down,

What you've described looks like something that would pretty much cause PTSD, so don't keep convincing yourself that what you saw and heard didn't affect you and that it's not serious enough to seek help for. What you are experiencing is serious, so I highly encourage you to get help. You won't be taking away from anyone if you go to a veterans' hospital. If they decide you are not eligible to use their programs, then you can go through other channels, but use this one first. You don't need to divulge all details of what happened in order to get help. There are ways to describe your experiences without revealing the classified information. I do hope you'll reach out for help. Continuing to minimize the affect that the events you described had on you is not going to help.

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