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Permanent Linkby seabreezeblue on Tue Nov 18, 2014 9:30 am

Emotional flashbacks..

Okay.. so for the last week my mood has been rapidly slipping downhill..

Today, I've realised that either i'm caught up in the middle of an insanely strong emotional flashback.. or I've got SAD.. or both.
who knows..

What I do know though is that I've been in floods of tears all morning so I need to start challenging my thoughts and feelings..

So.. How to do that with c-PTSD is the question and I suppose the other question is.. How to even recognise that I'm caught up in an emotional flashback in the first place.

I guess that one of the difficulties of the aspergers is that I tend to forget that I need to process all my emotional stuff before it builds up to unhealthy levels..

so.. resources for emotional flashback issues and c-PTSD..?

I've been looking for the last ten minutes online to see what i can find (well, it's either that or carry on sobbing all day)..

Next bit has been stolen from here; http://www.psychotherapy.net
[quote]Because most emotional flashbacks do not have a visual or memory component to them, the triggered individual rarely realizes that she is re-experiencing a traumatic time from childhood. Psychoeducation is therefore a fundamental first step in the process of helping clients understand and manage their flashbacks. Most of my clients experience noticeable relief when I explain Complex PTSD to them. The diagnosis resonates deeply with their intuitive understanding of their suffering. When they recognize that their sense of overwhelm initially arose as a normal instinctual response to their traumatic circumstances, they begin to shed the belief that they are crazy, hopelessly oversensitive, and/or incurably defective.[/quote]

^^ absolutely..
At times like this, it's so so difficult to understand that i'm suffering from emotional flashbacks..
they creep in slowly for me, over the course of a week or so and i don't realise that i'm in one until i'm crying and feeling very very small.. helpless again.

How to get through them is the issue though..

the article states that to get through them, the ''inner critic'' has to be managed..

Agreed.. my inner critic today is telling me that i'm useless and worthless.. that I should feel small because I am.
But, how much of this is grounded in reality and how much of this is grounded in the past instead..?
How much of my feeling of worthlessness and feeling small and helpless comes from all those times that i was told i was..?
I have no idea atm..

So.. the site also tells me to write down some things to help challenge these thoughts and feelings.. things to give to the inner critic and show them that they're wrong..

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