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Need advice on eating habits

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Need advice on eating habits

Postby Jane1988 » Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:47 am

I`m new here, and it took me a quite a while to realize I have issues.
I moved to a country with a very different culture, I barely have any friends, never been in a relationship, work 24/7, I don`t have much money and my sole consolation for these past 3 years has been eating.

I have a somewhat weak stomach, my pancreas hurts from time to time, I`m overweight, I overeat but I still can`t find the motivation to start eating normally. Because I feel that if I were to start eating normal healthy food I`d have nothing else in life to use as compensation for when I`m tired.
I also lack physical activity.

I used to be a very outgoing and sociable person. But I think I`m going through some sort of depression right now and I`m struggling to not let myself drown in it. As the first step I really need to find motivation to start eating healthily and lose weight so that I`d start liking myself at first. Could anyone please recommend any books or resources for overeaters. There are no nutrition psychologists in the country I`m currently living in, so maybe anyone could recommend any websites where I could consult online?

Any consistent advice on how change eating habits would be great.

P.S. I eat sweets, lots of sweets, I love bread and buns. I don`t really eat fastfood or drink much alcohol, neither do I smoke, but chocolate and sweet buns are my everything.
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