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Marijuana and binge eating

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Marijuana and binge eating

Postby soulpeach » Sun Oct 01, 2017 5:28 am

I have always had an unhealthy relationship with food. I remember being 10 year's old when I was told I was "fat" and I couldn't understand what it meant either. I was more confused than upset when I had heard this. I then became curious about why my body and my appearance was so important. When i went on my first diet at 11, my family that never used to "accept" me, all of a sudden were praising me once I had lost weight. I discovered that society indeed was appearance obsessed. I then too became obsessed with my appearance. I've been through all types of eating disorders since. My most prevalent eeating disorder was binge and purge.
Ive been trying to get this in control for many year's and have improved to the point where I don't take laxatives anymore, but i do still binge. Ive been on ephedrine eating suppressants for like 3 years now, on and off. But i finally made the decision to get off them and I have been pursuing a vegan nutritionist who has encouraged a whole plant foods diet and some yoga etc. It really has helped ALOT in getting my health back in line, but twice now I have had binge episodes. Granted, I smoked weed on both occasions, but I realised I do still have to work on the reason for my binges. Please, can anyone give some home treatment suggestions? I would prefer home treatment due to me being an introvert and the therapist route has really never been my thing. I've tried it, but I can just never get to that "point" of relating or resonating with a psychologist/therapist.
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