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Is this woman real or not?

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Is this woman real or not?

Postby causalset » Wed Nov 28, 2018 9:15 pm

I messaged a woman on a dating site. My very first message was fine, but, after she responded, my next message was a big rant complaining about another woman that rejected me the previous day, and then a long rant how no woman ever gives me a chance. She said "hey I am giving you a chance". Anyway, to make long story short, we became official within a day. IF THATS TRUE that looks great: quite frankly I am desperate to be in a relationship. But now I am skeptical whether that is true or not. Like, why would she tell me I am a great man if she doesn't even know me and the only thing she knows about me is that I complain?! I guess she did a couple of things to assure me that she is real:

a) She called me out on it when I was comparing her to my ex-s
b) She called me out on it when I asked her how much does she weigh
c) We exchanged facebook, and she has between 100 and 200 friends

My only speculation is maybe she is just as desperate as me: in my case its Asperger and in her case its weight.

By the way I logged back on to the dating site and she was on, despite the fact that it was her who told me to exchange facebook in response to us being official. So could it be that she is just looking to date several people since most people reject her? I mean thats exactly what I do: in fact the reason I didn't call her out on being on dating site is that I am going to meet someone tomorrow through that exact site.

For an extra information, she is two states away from me (and the woman I am going to meet tomorrow is in the same town, which is the other reason to make her lower priority). We already talked about how we would presumably visit each other and sleeping options. She told me she was picturing hugging and kissing me. I said I did too. She was "really?" Then I said "I only picture that, I don't believe in sex before marriage" she said she is also a virgin (we met on a Christian dating site). As far as committment, she said she will go at my pace. I said I want to commit now. She was surprised. I said "well you said you will go at my pace so thats why I thought you are ready". She said she is ready she is just surprised I am as well, and I said I am ready too, and then we agreed to be exclusive.

Anyway, what do you think?
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Re: Is this woman real or not?

Postby shock_the_monkey » Thu Nov 29, 2018 4:07 am

there's a thing called real life, and this isn't it. i feel sorry for the internet generation, that believe life is an on-line experience. if you're not seeing someone on a regular basis, you haven't got a relationship, no matter what your facebook status says. and relationships are only as meaningful as those involved in them want them to be. if you're desperate, you'll end up creating expectations that are unfulfillable. believe in yourself. don't believe in someone that you hope will believe in you. that's a recipe for disaster. candidly, i wasted too much of my life hoping to find someone special. there never was anyone. and that's because i never had what anyone was looking for. if i had my time over again, it isn't a mistake that i'd make. i know better now.
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