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Politics and Crime

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Politics and Crime

Postby Sarandipity » Sun Oct 27, 2019 12:09 am

**TW I watched too much Pinky and the Brain as a child**

Dunno if this would be a topic of interest and it kind of relates to ASPD attributes because it relates to crime, power and strategy I guess so I thought why not think it out here.

The undercurrent of how the criminal underworld works in a country say alot about the country?

Most countries have very big, well networked home grown crime. They tollerate and work with other crime networks globally.

Then I thought about America. Where are the traditional, home grown crime networks. Since the Kennedys where are they? There's the Mafia but they originate from Sicily. There's no doubt Russian crime syndicates and South American Cartels. Jamaican crime syndicates also more than likely operate and the Yakuza. It looks like, from an outside eye, the home grown crime families of America went straight and keep well away from the undercurrent of crime.

The American criminals that spring to mind, other than Jacky Kennedy family of origin (and I haven't looked into that enough to know her background) are quite sad one off crime sprees, not organised like Bonnie and Clyde. Then there's the school shootings, serial killers and the race violance and generally American people being reactive but not well known home grown American gangsters that are not alligned to other more global crime syndicates.

This to me seems like a massive miss by the American government. And as such leaves the country wide open. A massive market completely controlled by outside organisations.

I was just thinking about it. Didn't get further than that yet. Wondered what you guys thought about it. Also maybe I have missed something from my interpretation of how American crime works and there is an "all American" crime syndicate I don't know about.
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Re: Politics and Crime

Postby ZeroZ » Sun Oct 27, 2019 12:20 am

There are probably a thousand American domestic gangs who compete globally particularly for drugs. Bloods, crips, vice lords Etc. There was the Irish gangs led by Whitey Bulger in the Boston area that Originated within the US. We have no shortage of crime I can tell you that much. I’m not sure how that ties into politics except for the fact I believe the US Government and Elliot Ness and the FBI originally and continues to decimate organized crime because they don’t care for the competition
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Re: Politics and Crime

Postby Reaper » Sun Oct 27, 2019 12:39 am

I've always wanted to be a Crime Boss and run my own organization. It would be a large organization that's pretty much into everything, but the main things would be making/selling drugs, gunrunning, human trafficking and prostitution, and of course, money laundering.

I also want to own a casino/sex club (BDSM, with the primary focus on S&M), with live sex shows.

Of course, this will likely never happen (especially at my age) unless I win, or come into enough money for all the start-up costs, one way or another. And then I'm also going to have to recruit people. I reckon some of you here would probably come work for me.

I realize this is not what the OP is asking, but fuk it, it relates, so why not.
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Re: Politics and Crime

Postby realityhere » Sun Oct 27, 2019 12:54 am

Demonizing AsPD as a disorder that typifies criminals, gangs, mafia, whatever doesn't address the problems that ppl w/ AsPD struggle with.

Thread locked.
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