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Lost **** LBS in 3 months

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Lost **** LBS in 3 months

Postby MikeR1992 » Sat Jul 07, 2018 12:28 am

So before I had my breakdown back in 2016 I was between *mod edit* lbs 5'11. But of muscle. Then I was given "seroquel", and boy oh boy did this make me eat, and not only eat more it slows your metabolism down, so doubly whammy. I jumped up to *mod edit* lbs of fat lazy smoker by November 2017. So in April 2018, I finally got sick and tired of being unhealthy, so I decided to quite smoking, got vegetarian, and exercise like crazy. Today im 1 lbs of my goal of *mod edit* lbs. But im still starving myself. I do now even realize I look frail. But I feel like im still over weight since I lost this weight so quickly. What really worries me is that I now have a very demanding job physically and im starving myself 3-4 days at a time to lose this weight, and now I seem to not be able to stop starving myself and working out till the point of passing out. I still drink coffee with cream, and drink low cal beer every day to at least have something, but my work and excessive is more than the calories I take in a day. I do feel weak, when I do eat I eat like crazy, usually pasta but its very unhealthy then another 3-4 days without eating. I liked how this worked when I was really heavy, but now im still losing weight at the same rate when its not safe for someone with my job and excessive level.
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