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Cyber Bulling/Hacking

Open Discussions About Stalking and Harassment.

Cyber Bulling/Hacking

Postby AnUrbanKid » Fri May 04, 2012 1:39 am

I am a college student in the US and recently I have been the target of cyber bullying. I am unsure how to fend off this attack since I never originated any hate in any particular person or thing that would justify the actions of these people. I was hacked at the beginning of the semester, and since then they had sent spyware emails to people on my email contact list, and got into other email accounts as well. I have also found out that people have been intercepting phone messages, and listening to phone calls, as if my phone has spyware on it. No matter where I go on campus I see military like people (characteristic of my roommate, a former US Army Sergeant). I also come into contact with people with my major and a frat I rushed the previous semester, more so than I ever had in the past. This is a campus of 25000 peoples, of which the communities I listed are of a small percentage and the land amount over which I travel a given day vast compared to that where I commonly see these people. Despite them being in my major I would not consider them friends, and they seem to have information regarding me and my family (via talks with my parents on the phone) that I never afforded to anyone, nothing serious- just personal family stuff. But its none of their business. Basically, I am dealing with an extreme case of invasion of privacy. Another indication that this is true is given according to the following: a couple semesters ago I was dating this girl that I worked with and after we stopped dating she had accused me of stalking her. I didn't make much of this claim because I was in fact not stalking her. She thought I was stalking her because she would constantly see me wherever I had gone (the dining hall, physics building, etc.), finally one day I was walking to my dorm and I see her and her friend hiding behind a tree and they come out and step in my path. They didn't say anything just stood there, I found it a little weird. Truth is I was never stalking her, nor her friend, nor anyone on this damn campus. I could honestly care less about the peoples whereabouts. The fact that I decided not to take this seriously actually acted against me. Recently, people I don't even know have been identifying me as a stalker, telling their friends that I use facebook to surf their profiles when I (as said earlier) could honestly care less about it. There is absolutely no physical harm as a result of these actions, but there is loads of invasion of privacy and diminishing of my reputation. I never used to care about these peoples claims, but since others seem to believe them, I am in a state where I cannot thrive and not rise to my potential due to the case at hand.
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Re: Cyber Bulling/Hacking

Postby iAmCodeMonkey » Mon Jul 30, 2012 7:35 pm

You seem rather paranoid.

That wall of text is rather hard to read, so I may not understand you clearly.
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