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hard masterbation addiction please help

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hard masterbation addiction please help

Postby dieslow_13 » Sun May 27, 2012 9:40 pm

hello guys and girls am 'mohamad from lebanon 20 years old i wana talk about my problem with masterbation which started 5 years ago and its been increasing madly from once a week to 6 times a day
it all started at 15 after friends told me about it so i tried liked the idea, te feeling and such i used to mainly masterbate while watchin porn extremly now kinda away from porn but still doing excessivly
i read a copile of such topics the guys who answered asked about problems and issues
well tbh i had a rough childhood with a cheating mom, was raped while i was 13 and issues in my family and among y friends i have a narcist mom i looked it at tye internet and never endong issues with work etc.
i never got into any relationship with a girl untill this year had like 11 refusals although am smart with 120 iq point and goodlookin but idk anyhow nowadays i should do it at the morning at the middle pf the day and before slee in normal days if am with my gf it goes up to 5-6 times just like today i had ejaculated 3 times with her which is bad some say am sexualy active alot and stuff but i need to get rid of this issue although doing it makes me feel sane if not i feel disturbed alot and moody plus to all the girls that i see and they turn me on i still dislike myself looking at there hot parts cuz i love my girl but this thing is killing me i hope i find help in here cuz its making me a real mad an bad trouble
thanks for help in advance
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Re: hard masterbation addiction please help

Postby IARN » Mon May 28, 2012 9:00 pm

Hi Mohamad you sound like a normal male of 20 who has raging hormones. Try to not make a big deal out of your body asking for the sexual release. Because you get a hard on when your with your girl it is because your a grown man and your attracted to her. Just try to relax and learn to enjoy feeling hot for her. Masturbation is a normal healthy way to release sexual tension. There may come a day when you will wish you got hard like this again. Especially if you become ill or when your in your 40's or 50's your testosterone will diminish and you will most likely miss your ability to become hard so often, let alone to become hard. I will guess your Muslim, your girl is too and sex with her is out of the question till your married? Or are you both active? I know cultures are all different and outside of marriage sex is often taboo. Everyone masturbates and if they don't they are either lying, too old or can't due to illness. Do not mess with your head most men are always looking at "Girls Hot Parts" and I bet trying not to look makes you want to look more. So just look and remember there will be a day that you can look and nothing happens and you might be sad or else you will not miss it. You can try not to look and if you do look, do not beat yourself up. Your human and human beings are meant to be sexual beings. If we were not then we would not go near each other.
I do not understand how it is killing you. Is it the guilt you feel? masturbation will not kill you. In the old days boys would go take a cold shower or run and jump into a cold pool. The nurse might snap it to cause pain there to make a mans hard on go down. But these days most just rub it out. You can talk to your doctor and tell him to give you something that will take away your hotness. Ask for something that is an antiandrogen or anti androgenic. They reduce your sex drive but also more, so its not good, unless you always have a hard on. Talk to your doctor. But the saying goes use it or lose it and in your case your using it and its training you to become hard again and again. sometimes sex is just sex, it has little to do with our childhood etc. Hormones run us more than anything. I hope my 2 cents helps but I bet someone else will post and it will help you.
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