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Urgent Relationship Matter

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Re: Urgent Relationship Matter

Postby Elizabennet » Mon Jun 19, 2017 5:45 pm

Uh, we have broken up, though we might stay friends. Cried bucketloads of tears for some reason. Yeah.
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Re: Urgent Relationship Matter

Postby mark1958 » Mon Jun 19, 2017 6:19 pm

Hi Elizabennet,

Sorry to hear about your suffering. Was it about what you wrote here? Unable to bridge that closeness gap? It appears you can be vulnerable (even if only for yourself), which is a precursor for empathy/attachment in my opinion . I also understand that this is a challenge for someone who is NPD. So, my condolences for this.

As I said before, you know yourself pretty well. It is not easy for someone who may be somewhat averse to closeness to simply just "change" all of that, no matter how much you were interested in keeping the relationship together. It is the same for someone who has strong attachment issues, which is the opposite, they can really suffer during breakups as well. And just telling someone to not care as much, just does not help.

But perhaps there is hope. Considering how much this has impacted you, perhaps you can somehow see some growth in this. Or perhaps talking with a therapist. You appear to be closer to wanting a relationship than others who struggle with similar issues. So, maybe there is a light in the future for you.

Could you feel something for this man, given the chance to reconcile?
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