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Does he love me just as much as I do?

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Does he love me just as much as I do?

Postby questions » Thu Apr 27, 2006 2:29 am

This question has resurfaced quite a number of times througout our relationship and marriage. I know he loves me but why do i feel he does not love me as much as i love him? ??? Can one measure love ? Why do i need to know ???? I think it's because i feel kind of cheated by loving more......... I want a balanced amount of feelings going both ways???????? I've never had any other relationships whilst he had others.......

I tried to measure how much is his love by expressing that i would love to be his wife again if there is such a thing as next life..... but he didn't reply........ I asked him if he wanted to comment .... he replied with 'I'm not a parrot'......... I explained i'm not asking him to repeat but to say something........ anyway i got soooooo disappointed with his absence of answer that i told him i take everything back what i said and i don't mean it anymore......

Sometimes I wonder why do I need to be with him again ?????? But can't help feeling the need to........

Now i feel..... strange.... I'm not sure how i feel about him anymore. i think i've taken a lot back and i told him i'm going to kerb my feelings for him from now on because whenever i open up ...... I get disappointed.

sometimes i wonder so much that i start to think is it worth continuing ...... when he does not love me as much as i do........
I feel drained.

I feel like telling him i 'm going to see a psych...

does anyone out there feel the same or can help?


Re: Does he love me just as much as I do?

Postby Guest » Thu Apr 27, 2006 6:34 pm

All i can do is share your feeling... its hard to know if other person loves you as much as you do, its in every relationship we come across... two things seem possible in your case, first is he doesnt know how to express love and many people do find it hard or there might be something else happening to him which might be making him uneasy but he wont share with you thinking it might upset you... Second could be he doesnt love you as much as you do, or maybe he just wants a break from 'normal' life for sometime....

Best thing to do is think about your past, is he same as before? or you same as before? is he the kind of guy who tells you problems once they are over? are you being paranoid? only you can find a true answer to these questions.... lastly, i believe its hard to know some people even in a whole lifetime, might b one part of his personality you never seen b4? no can help you without actually knowing about both your personalities... Anyways first thing you need is to relax yourself and then think over these questions... Sharing this with him might help as well... hope everything works good for you, Good Luck.

Postby Dimplingz » Sat Apr 29, 2006 4:27 am

I understand how you're feeling... you seem helpless, because you love him a lot, but you're not gettin what you want to back, which is for him to express his love at your level... in situations like these, ask yourself, is this good enough a reason for you to leave him? and since you are torn apart about that desicion, like the person above said, talk to him... but don't make the mistake of threatening him of not opening up, or breaking up. see what he says, maybe he does care for you as much as you do, but hasn't realized yet, or maybe doesn't feel ready to let you know that you know? his response to your concerns will hopefully tell you more about where he stands.
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