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Coprophilia - My story

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Coprophilia - My story

Postby edwinnewyork » Fri Sep 08, 2006 2:44 am

In all seriousness this is my biggest regret in my life, becoming involved in Coprophilia.

For those that don't know,

Coprophilia is the attraction to the smell, taste, texture or sight of the act of defecation as a primary means of sexual arousal and gratification. Erotic fulfilment with excrement may be practiced alone or with a sexual partner. A common slang term for this is "scat sex", other less common ones may exist. Except in the case of consuming feces, generally scat play is safe when played alone and safe with a partner if one uses protection so as not to come in direct contact with a partner's excrement. Female-bodied individuals must be particularly cautious, as fecal bacteria is a prime cause of UTIs and vaginal infections.

It all started when I was young. I hated white underwear for some reason and when I wore them I'd be turned on. (this isnt the disorder yet) Eventually it felt odd and good that I urined in them. I urined my bed for days when I was a young boy and stopped when my parents found out about it.

When I was young, I hated bowel movements. It felt gross and stuff. After discovering masturbation, I eased bowel movements with masturbation so it felt good and bowel movements werent so gross. I don't know how it happened but the two finally caught up to eachother and I became acustomed to the smell when I would masturbate.

Everything escalated as time grew on, I've been in this fetish for a while now. I believe since I was 12 at least. I am 18 now.

I've wanted to stop and I'm very embarassed about this. I don't know my next action. I am very motivated and I can stop this but I'm not sure how.

I will not talk to people about this (besides you guys) because I am ashamed and if people found out -- it would change everyone's opinion on me --- i just know it.

Family history of illness? My mom has anxiety problem in which she consumes paxil as treatment.

I need all the support I can get and to go more than a month without these acts would be great! I wish never to do this again! Ever!

Thanks all of you for taking the time.
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Postby chickadee » Sat Sep 09, 2006 3:44 am

Your paraphilia would probably be best treated by a therapist who is trained to handle such sexual anomalies. When we are naked in front of a physician, we often feel nervous and shy. But physicians, just like therapists, see our diseases and disorders and don't judge us like normal people would. If you are afraid of bringing up the subject to your parents (or whomever) in order to explain why you need treatment, then please know that your secret is protected by confidentiality. Tell mom and dad that you're feeling depressed or something... this isn't entirely false, and it's your right to keep your problem to yourself.

I know you probably don't want to hear that, so... I'll give you something else to work with. I feel like educating myself helps me understand and therefore conquer my problems. So I recommend reading... a lot. Here's one book I found that you might be able to use: Sex Crimes and Paraphilia by Eric W. Hickey. I know that your problem isn't actually a crime (and therefore your reasoning behind reading this book would be better hidden as just an interest in crime or profiling or whatever). But, you can see from this table of contents (http://www.vonl.com/CHIPS/sexcrime.htm) that Chapter 13 is called Coprophilia: Origins, Development and Treatment.

From what I hear, paraphilias often occur in combinations of two or three at a time... maybe you have other concerns that would be addressed in this book or others like it.

Best of luck to you, Ed. I hope you find a workable solution.
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P.S. I'm not a shrink.
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Postby Apache » Sat Sep 09, 2006 3:52 am

It's also refured to as scat. Its a fetish with it's own following. Not many's tast (no pun intended) but it is more normal then you think. Lots of stuff on the net about it.
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Re: Coprophilia - My story

Postby Louisa » Mon May 09, 2011 4:31 pm

It takes alot of courage for you to share your story, and respect you for wanting to change this behavior. It isn't 'normal' sexuality, no matter how many other people one may encounter who engage it. By no means am I judging, quite the opposite. You can get help and I think your feelings of wanting to change shows that you realize you this can be very problematic.

Please know that any paraphilia that is acted out with non-consenting adults is criminal. Some paraphilia's are automatically criminal by nature (pedophilia). But I happen to know in Ohio, the collecting of any body substance from any non-consenting adult/minor is now Criminal. The law passed because because of a man with a compulsive Urine Fetish in the Columbus area. He was setting toliets in public places to collect Urine.

I also happen to know that there is a rare case, in Ohio as well, where a man set up commodes to collect feces from non-consenting adults and children for over 3 yrs. This fetish- coprophilia and Menophilia (collecting menstrual blood) for sexual gratification, began early in his life, but became obsessive to the point of being unable to be sexual without some form of this fetish- and without consent from his wife. That also constitutes sodomy. He would never admit he had the paraphilia, but was caught in the act of collecting. The situation is a mess, and the wife is divorcing the man, and trying to protect her children from having contact with him, as he involved them as well, unknowingly.

So I strongly encourage you to seek the help you desire before the behavior gets damaging in ways you may not plan or intend.
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Postby Richard671 » Sun Jul 27, 2014 2:38 pm

Does it sound like i have this or something else?

First here is alittle history of myself so you get why I question this. Im a male in my mid thirties, grew up strictly heterosexual and developed quite normally sexually as most people would say. The only issue Ive developed mentally wAs a bad case of ocd which for whatever reason since I turned 18 became of sexual nature. In the past 15 years Ive been obsessed with what if im gay? What if Im a pedophile? What if I''m sexually attracted to animals? What if Im attracted to violent morid stuff? What if im into scat? And the latest one is what If im aroused by foul smelling things.
All of the above ive seem to know ok im not attracted to that. For some reason the one that has stuck is what if im into foul smelling odors and I'll tell you why.
It all started when I was sitting next to my niece who is 6 years old, as i was going through a bout of excessive worry that what if Im attracted to her?, i also smelled something foul and directed it towards her. As i dismissed the fact that im not a pedophile I for some reason could dismiss the fact that what if that smell was coming from her genitals and that I was attracted to it. Every smell i encountered Id wonder if i was aroused by it. .
For months I tried analyzing and trying to figure it out. From body odor from others, to trash, to dog feces, to rotten food , to restrooms everything foul.I know this sounds bizzare, even to me.
I remember a time when i was in love with a girlfriend years ago that I did not mind her morning breathe when we had sex and I wondered why now. Was i attracted to her bad breath?
Now when i encounter someone with bad breathe man,woman, even relative. I think attracted and aroused by it. Its so strange. Do you think i have a fetish or is this a product if my ocd?

Now i feel like attracted to the smell of dog feces. Why? I never thought about this until a year ago and Im in my mid thirties. Is this just a bout of my ocd? Im bery confused. Did i develope a fetish through my ocd?

worry its arousal because it feels like arousal. Ever since that day I had that thought which was two years ago its like my brain got rewired. Now everytime I'm confronted with a bad odor doesnt matter what it is I feel a slight sensation down below. Thats what makes this so hard to figure out.
The thing is it feels like what I felt with POCD HOCD and all other forms of sexual ocd ive had that accompany themselves with a "gronial response" ITs just strange that it has to do with scent and that just started happening like two years ago. Its so annoying. I feel like a sick person. I mean dog feces ???come on.
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