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A medication that can help OCD

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A medication that can help OCD

Postby never_give_up » Thu Feb 02, 2012 2:27 am

Hey guys - I just kinda wanted to share my story and hope that it could perhaps help one, or SOME, of you. Just to sum stuff up real quick

I was diagnosed with pure-o about 6 years ago. I went to a therapist and was determined to beat this illness on my own and without medication. I was dealing with harm OCD and suicide OCD. It was REALLY hard and scary to deal with. I NEVER hurt anyone or myself. It would come, then go away and then be triggered by something and then go away again. I did ok for about a year. Then i was just fed up with everything and I decided to give in to medication to see if it could help. I only had to try one medication, which i felt very lucky about. I was only on the lowest dose possible and I felt it working within the first week. I went to my therapist and I told him about it and he said that the meds probably werent kicked in by then. I figured that it could be in my head. And that i wanted it to work, so it did work because i believed it. The placebo effect. Anyways, i was on and off it ever since. I would forget to take it and then just not take it for months. I was doing very well on it and off it so i figured I'd just do fine without it. And I did. Recently, I was going through problems in my relationship and that made my anxiety come out a little. Then it was triggered by something on the TV and then it happened again. I started my meds again but it didn't do much so my therapist thought it'd be a good idea to up my dosage. So I did, and BOY WHAT A DIFFERENCE. My anxiety spiked a little right when i increased the dosage but after about 3 days, it leveled off and I'm doing so great now. The thoughts still do pop in there but it's WAY easier for me to dismiss them and not pay them any mind. Also, if I DO get any anxiety, its a very small amount and doesn't last long at all.

Now, as for the prescription, it's called PEXEVA. It's relatively new and it's used to treat Panic Disorder, OCD, GAD, and MDD. I have three of those disorders. It is an advanced form of Paxil - basically it's better Paxil, without the side effects. Pexeva is also one of the most expensive SSRI's on the market so if you don't have insurance, it could be difficult for some people which really sucks. But anyway, for those people who haven't had much luck with other prescriptions or therapy, give this one a shot and see if it works for you. You never know. Good luck to all of you :-)
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