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Is this a grooming technique?

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Is this a grooming technique?

Postby griffin » Tue Jul 20, 2010 11:00 pm

I'm curious. Someone I know says her boyfriend calls her the boss, cause she will be doing his paperwork and accounts.
There is so much more to this guy that makes him not right. When I met him, I felt like I was interviewing him. He tried to impress heavily and couldn't say enough about his credentials, not that I was asking. It was freaky, he laid on figures on how wealthy he was, it was bizzare. It felt like he was trying to win our trust. HIs mouth was going 100 mile an hour.

This friend of mine is very finanacially wealthy and I feel she is vunerable, she is lonely and craving love.

He also refers to her as his goddess and his friends say he should be so lucky to have such a lady.

Are these some of the statements of a grooming style to woo her and have her fall hard for him?

thankyou for any advice
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Re: Is this a grooming technique?

Postby medusa » Wed Jul 21, 2010 2:35 am

Ugh. Probably, though who knows if he's doing it consciously.

Braggarts reveal themselves through their bragging... their self-esteem is dependent on external/material factors.

People who blab on about themselves whilst showing no interest in you in return (unless they are smart) are gonna be trouble in one way or the other.

Good luck convincing your friend though. Usually in these situations people unfortunately have to learn the hard way.
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