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What's wrong with me???

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What's wrong with me???

Postby isseyally » Mon Dec 26, 2016 8:31 pm

I really don't know where to post this??
I think i have ptsd but i think i have lots of other things too but don't know what they are?I was really sick lots of times,seriously ill with serious illnesses and almost died a number of times,resuscitated...you name it...I have had it. I have flashbacks, nightmares ,my heart beats so fast when i hear an ambulance etc i definitely do think I have ptsd but sometimes when I feel very anxious or stressed or sad it's like i feel I have to re-live everything on the outside too so it's like people have to think i am sick but I'm actually not,like I want them to think i am sick again -don't know if I am explaining very well.It's like i have to punish myself or something...like i have to be a sick person on the outside sometimes,like I have to keep suffering because I feel like i didnt deserve to get better
...I can't really explain.Does anyone know what's wrong with me or have something similar?It's like i cant escape all the medical traumas from before in my mind at night in my nightmares and also during the day with the flashbacks and sometimes I relive everything for real like in real life again?Not explaining very well am I? Could I have munchausen or is that something else I really have no idea?

Thanks for any help or advice if you can give me any?
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