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The mother in The Sixth Sense

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The mother in The Sixth Sense

Postby Spokane Girl » Fri Feb 15, 2008 9:33 pm

Anyone seen the movie?

In the movie where the girl dies who is about 12-14, she has Cole come over to her house while her family is holding the funeral for her death and she has him give the videotape to her father and we see her mother puts something in her soup and has her eat it.

Does anyone think the mother might have been suffering from MS by Proxy?
Notice how everyone was dressed up in black while she wasn't and when the father tells her "You were keeping her sick" she didn't look sad at all while everyone else did.
In the scene when Cole gets to the house, we can hear people saying Kyra's little sister is starting to get sick too so we assume the mother her poisoning her too.

After reading about MS, I think Mrs. Collins might have had this condition because she wanted sympathy so she kept her daughter sick and she was starting to do the same thing to her next daughter. I don't know if she meant to kill her daughter or not. She could have since she didn't look very sad at the funeral.
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Postby weezy » Tue Nov 11, 2008 8:43 pm

Yes the mother was suffering from it- it says so on wikipedia, and you can tell with the whole "you were making her sick", "the little one is getting sick now" and the videotape.

I don't know about you but it really upset me :(
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Re: The mother in The Sixth Sense

Postby unenlightened » Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:14 pm

I could be wrong, but I understood that the mom, or step-mom, in that film was actually just trying to kill the girl without being detected, hence the slow poisoning, so she could get rid of her...no? Perhaps accidental killing with a MBP, due to their abuse. MBP thrives on the attention they receive as a devoted caregiver and killing their victim is often not the intention, but maintaining illness. Although that woman in the news sometime ago who killed several of her children was considered MBP, I believe, whereas her craving for attention was received after her children died. I would like to hear about a personal MBP expereience. I find it difficult to understand the parents' behavior and motivation with harming their children. Are they delusional and thinking they are somehow helping? Are they narcissistic and calculating in the abuse with a clear awareness of cause and effect (cause:the abuse, effect: other's sympathy, ingratiating themselves into the medical community)?
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