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My friend has munchausen's by Proxy with her pets.

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My friend has munchausen's by Proxy with her pets.

Postby thinmint » Thu Jun 14, 2007 11:30 pm

I have a friend who is *constantly* taking her animals to the vet. She has 3 dogs and 4 cats and is at the vet at least twice a week. She doesn't seem to cause her animals to become sick but takes them in because they're "acting funny" or something equally as vague. If one of the animals throws up she's off to the vet immediately. I think she sees herself as a very caring pet owner but she can't see that she needlessly subjects her animals to tests, medications, procedures when there's nothing wrong with them. In my opinion the vet is complicit and happy making money off of his best customer.

She has two kids and is overly concerned with their health but not in the crazy way she is about the pets. The kids are lucky!
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projected hypochondra

Postby kooz » Fri Jul 06, 2007 12:05 am

This sounds more like "projected hypochondriasis" or "externalized hypochondria" more like it. MBPS syndrome is creating or fabricating an illness (I've been a victim of it) which then is treated. If she's taking in the cats just to "make sure nothing is wrong with them", that would be hypochondria: "excessive concern about one's health, sometimes to the extent of morbid worry and anxiety about one's health".

This sounds clearly like a case of classic, externalized, pet hypochondria (classic! yeah right! :D)

The subjecting them to tests odd, but if I'm correct (and I'm still learning about this), the goal of MBPS stems from a *desire* to earn sympathy or be the care-giver not a *worry or concern*; it sounds like your feline-loving friend is more worried, but there is an overlap between hypochondria and mbps, of course, they both deal with illusory, fictitious illnesses, except that (and I'm not the expert here) the former seems to be more anxious about them, though and the latter seems to have more of an emphasis on consciously manufacturing a false illness.
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