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MBP and Guardianship-Long Intro

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MBP and Guardianship-Long Intro

Postby Boamom » Fri Apr 21, 2017 6:05 pm

Hello all! I am seeking out advice and clarity. Mu roommate from college has Munchausen Syndrome and I witnessed many situations of manipulation and lying. She was caught as she had injected spit into her hip and they doctors noted the bacteria was from her mouth. She was confronted and absolutely 100% denied she harmed herself. Her parents were convinced for quite some time she had this disorder. Fast forward...she left those physicians and then started over. She overtime had rare after rare illnesses. Said she had Cystic Fibrosis, Said her stomach didn't work (She has been on TPN for years.) Had her stomach removed. Received $150,000 settlement from Workmans Compensation for falling while walking a dog. She claims her arm doesn't work (yet we all have seen her Paint her house, and use it fully.) So about 8 years ago she decided she was going to have a baby. She is not married...she found a donor and had a beautiful little girl. This little girl did not grow, she was not fed, she had a rare "hypoglcyemia" problem (which was NEVER witnessed.) When her mom had surgery the baby gained 2 pounds in 10 days!! Then she continued and somehow the baby developed a swallowing issue. Then as she grew up she needed Physical therapy. Mom said the child had Aspergers Syndrome (She clearly isn't even close!!!) Mom then told everybody the child had a "histamine intolerance." Severely restricting her food and not allowing her to have meals at school mom did not provide. At the child's 6 year birthday party the child was collapsing and acting strange. I asked what was wrong with her...Mom states, "she has a little cold." Never ever witnessed a child with a cold act like this...Turns out she gave her 50mg of benadryl. She was 40#!! Mom stated the child didn't sleep and was up all night long...Yet others noticed the child slept during the day in the evenings. This child was wearing AFO's (Braces). So, anyway mom very ill with her own physical issues and stopped keeping up with the childs (Focus more on mom than child). Mom told us she was dying of liver failure, another time she said she was dying of Cancer. Mom became addicted to pain medication and lost her manipulative wits! She asked for a guardian for her and her daughter. I am her daughter's guardian and helped the mom's guardian collect information.
So, this child has nothing wrong with her medically and we have spent the last 18 months catching her up from the years of isolation and being drugged up. She is growing and thriving. I am teaching her she will not die if she eats an orange. She does some self inflicting harm to make herself sick and we are working through therapy. She is doing well.

Mom was diagnosed with Muchausen Syndrome and possible by proxy in Dec 2015. She has a permanent guardian. I am permanent Guardian of the child.

So why am I here...

No Kidding the new Permanent Guardian of the mom has appealed to the psychiatrist and they have decided that she does not have Munchausen syndrome and have appealed to have the Guardianship removed. Seriously???

The thought of this sweet innocent, functioning child returning to that environment devastates me!

I want to know how i can keep this sweet child safe!!!
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Re: MBP and Guardianship-Long Intro

Postby Terry E. » Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:15 am

I am sorry for the delay was in another state until Saturday and I had to go to work yesterday.

Look, there is a "text book profile' for an MBP mum out there, I think it started with Meadows and then was followed on by the an FBI profiler.

It covers many items.

What you describe to me screams MBP, but for many who don't know it or are too arrogant to believe that a Muncher can snow them, then they may have problems seeing it.

What you have described has been repeated on this forum again and again.

I think you are going to need help, but you may need to drive this yourself. You need to find someone in your country. I am in Australia. Where are you from ??

We need to find an expert in your area. I will do what I can from my end, but we need someone in your area who has already fought this battle.
Terry E.
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