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I''m trying. Mom is in therapy.

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I''m trying. Mom is in therapy.

Postby FreakofNature » Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:32 pm

I see some improvements because she is trying to learn boundaries. But that doesn't change how she made me pass out in a Spanish-speaking foreign country I visited 9 years ago to be deliberately vague. Of course, I'm on a private computer where nobody knows all my screen names. I know how to keep myself safe. My passwords are all so complicated that it is really hard to hack into my stuff. I am going to change them all tomorrow and that's a huge project.

Where do I begin? I finally got a psychiatrist who runs a certain website to tell me that act 9 years ago was a Munchausen by proxy thing. I had a friend suggest it with very few hints from me too. By proxy is a beast her mom has too. I have managed to lose forty pounds in a year but I have gained some back. I need to be at 105. I'm 108 from a fracture in my knee and a dislocated patella three times. I am a regular yogi. I practice tai chi and I miss martial arts dreadfully.

The most dreadful sound is my mother's voice in Spanish. She says a lot of demeaning things to everybody around her. I can't wait for them to leave the country. I get to be on my own. My anxiety will possibly vanish, or so my friends tell me. I'm bad ass at changing infusion sets for my insulin pump. I'm bad ass managing type 1 diabetes. My health is under my total control. She can't mess me up anymore so a friend says my dad could be a target. He needs a sleep apnea mask as well as a hearing aid because of power tool use. How irresponsible for their health can two people be? My dad is trying OCD meds my mom is probably schizoaffective bipolar 1 like me. She complains of unspecified noise in the middle of the night. She is not on meds. I have to wonder how delusional she is all the time.

I'm fed up with her no meds. The only way she can sabotage me is to tell me not to take my meds. If that ever happens I'm calling the non-emergency number. I will take it anyway. She can't mess with me. I have a long list of things that I can call the cops for with my therapist whom I'm seeing today. I have an internet curfew at 5:00 p.m. It is my over all computer use ends curfew. I'm regaining my independence because I can drive. She did buy me a new car and a new computer. I'm still looking for a job. That's a grind. I have an employment network. I'm getting off disability and getting a job or starting 58 or 59 businesses, designing 10 websites myself (web design school A), and I'm writing 27 books. I'll be busy. I just wanted to let you guys know I'm okay.

I also would appreciate if the religious could pray my mom gets a DUI. I didn't get into the car on Christmas. I took Uber. A friend talked me out of driving with her that night. I went home to chug my meds. I'm doing great. The boyfriend is good. I'm healing. My life was going great when the knee thing happened. In my hatha yoga class. I'm healing though. Dad cracked and got meds. Mom will eventually crack. I guess she wants to be negative and suffer. i look forward to low contact. I'm considering no contact but I will have to live in their condo. Until I make it big. Thanks everybody.
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