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Mom Might have the MSBP

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Mom Might have the MSBP

Postby AO1 » Tue Sep 30, 2014 10:33 pm

Hi I'm new account here; came here about my mother. Wondering how to cope with someone who might have MSBP, any other forums of survivors. She fits the form for being a nurse and appearing oh-so-motherly to the doctors when she took me from doctor to doctor as a kid, being so dramatic at me about the bills she has to pay as abuse happens behind the scenes and she just can't understand why her daughter is acting this way sort of excuse. She's got this fixation that I have a mental disorder on her terms.

First, on my own I know I have one particular psych disorder, and it is handled, but that's a separate issue and the workings of it is none of her business. I mean, as soon as the mental health bills are paid off and I'm feeling fine, even to work again, here comes the gas lighting from her that something I must have said must have been an indicator of a mental symptom because she disagrees on something I said.

Begin the screwball that will mangle the feelings for a couple weeks until I'm emotionally teetering and she must be right, I must be wrong, let me go check into another hospital because eventually the emotional blackmail will arrive and she'll cut off the resources unless I chomp on more pills and lamely live. Yeah, abuse from my view but it's hard finding support in the argument for normalcy after soooo long of being "on-tour" for the MSBP. When every conversation we have, she runs to a health person to sell the story that her daughter is so ill, and she talks with her husband to agree that her daughter is so ill, then if I speak up, oh no, it must be more ill, even paranoid! I wish there was another subject of interest to converse with her but it usually boils down to the she's the medical expert and I'm the goof.

So she's not a MSBP with physical illness, although there was physical abuse as a kid that led me to tears, which she played out to her good-mom image. She has never ever gone to a psych doctor except that I'm the star of her show. I just wish a doctor would send me home normal for once and ask for her to get treatment instead. That's the point, she's exhausting with the psychological dressing up, and it's hard to find support for that considering my hospital histories. It's gotten so bad that when I have real emergencies, in my own private life, and I call for help, the police roll their eyes, look at the hospital history, and go, is your mother at home let's talk to her to try to get her to commit me. Yes it is that bad.

What is the process of having some defense about this? Do I just go, when police arrive, my mom is sick, she has MSBP? How does one communicate to authorities that the hospital records were a part of family abuse?
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Re: Mom Might have the MSBP

Postby Terry E. » Wed Oct 01, 2014 9:10 pm

Well the first step is you don't believe her, and you have made that step. How old are you? Are you at school? Are there other children and how are they treated? It appears your father is at home, what does he do work wise? Do you have extended family nearby?

Stay strong ..
Terry E.
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Re: Mom Might have the MSBP

Postby BiB » Mon Jun 22, 2015 1:58 am

Understand well, you cant do anything, are power games, I struggled in all ways during my all teen and later.

Sorry for my English, Im not a native.
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