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Trying to figure out if ex has MS and MSBP

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Trying to figure out if ex has MS and MSBP

Postby fatherofgreatkid » Sun Jul 14, 2013 8:18 pm

Will try to be brief and to the point. My ex and I divorced because she ran up nearly $170,000 in medical expenses treating a thyroid disease that just simply did not show up on any medical tests that I saw. Not the entire reason but it was a major cause. In the meantime she has had kidney disease, displaced hip, degenerative bone disease, heart attacks and potassium deficiencies. When I married her she used to run 10 miles a day and was fit and healthy. Upon getting pregnant she started getting sick. After our daughters birth this trend has continued. Of course these diseases don't stop her from being active but she takes all sorts of medicine. After all the money spent on tests and treatments, no proof was ever given to me that indicates she was ever ill. I do believe she had Munchausens.

My daughter who is 11 came to me when she was three and told me that "Mommy touched me in a bad place and said to tell people that you did it." Of course I went to the authorities but no proof was found. It was a nightmare working with CPS, but that is another story. Well during that time I found my ex had gone to four different doctors to try to get a diagnosis of child abuse. During that time I told the CPS officials about my exs means to get multiple doctors until she got what she wanted to hear provided them with documentation and got nowhere.

Since that time, I have been told my daughter has asthma and severe allergies. She has been given numerous doses of Albuterol for this condition. I have talked with 8 doctors or providers who have given my daughter medication and none of them have ever done an asthma test and her allergies tests are negative, except for a slight small delayed reaction to wheat and mold but very slight. They tell me the reason why they give the Albuterol is that the mother claims she is going to Florida and my child is allergic to red tide. Orlando is where they go, and red tide outbreaks have never occurred in the years they go. So my daughter is now on asthma medication which only seems to happen when she comes to see me. Recently, my ex says my daughter has severe allergies to wheat, rice and gluten.
I have reviewed the tests done and they are negative. She continues to insist that my daughter is ill and is getting more therapy for her. I have to talked 4 doctors about this and they insist that my daughter is not allergic and does not need further testing and treatment, just a better diet.

I confront my ex about the need for treatment of these no-existent diseases, and she insists on the allergies, she told me my child does not have asthma, but she still get her the medicine and claims my daughter has it to every healthcare profession my child sees.

So my purpose in writing this is, does this sound like something related to Munchausen's and MSBP? What can I do to protect my child? CPS was not a good experience for me last time I came forward. They seem to think MSBP is a made up disease. I document everything fully. Is there a good way to document this to get people to believe you. I notify every physician treating my child of all of the other people that have also seen her and reported she is negative for the disease my ex claims she has. I inform them that they should also contact the other health care providers and contact authorities if they believe she is getting treatment by shopping around.

You know MSBP would be a lot harder if both joint custody parents had to sign a release form to let minors be seen by health care providers.

Just very frustrated and very tired of a system that does not give both parents a say in medical care and treatment of minors.
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Re: Trying to figure out if ex has MS and MSBP

Postby BaronVonSpousky » Wed Mar 12, 2014 6:25 am

I'm sorry I wasn't on this board when you posted this. I'm in a very similar situation. I'm in the process of getting divorced from a Muncher and worried about my daughter's safety when she's with her mother. Thankfully she hasn't started MSBP yet, but I'm worried it could go that direction at any time.

I don't really have any answers for you. In fact I'd have more questions for you, because I imagine I'm going to be contacting a lot of my daughter's doctors hoping that at some point I can get proof that my soon-to-be ex-wife is an unfit parent. But your experience seems to imply that's not going to be any less maddening than my attempts to get legal support, via the medical fraternity, to prove she's an unfit parent now.

It's shocking to me that Doctors, Lawyers and Child Services aren't doing a better job protecting kids from these kinds of situations.

Sorry I can't help, but I can empathize.
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