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Paradoxical reaction to medication given for neurotic anxiet

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Paradoxical reaction to medication given for neurotic anxiet

Postby ADDegree » Mon Aug 13, 2012 1:34 pm

Hello, im new here, any input would be appreciated very much. I have had problems with neurally mediated hypotension since age 10, where I do not get enough bloodflow to my brain and I pass out. This has happened up to 9 times a day for years with almost no way to treat my problem. There is no cure that I know of.

5 months ago, I began to have episodes of passing out much worse than before, but this time it was accompanied with inability to sleep. I was waking up every 2 hours from my sleep with feelings of impending death and extreme dizziness. I established a new primary care doctor and began trying medications on a trial and error basis to try and help myself. I had tried Atenolol, Vistaril, and a couple other strong antihistimine medications with no help at all.

My new doctor then switched me to Ativan 1mg, 3x per day as needed, as my new doctor thought that my passing out had more to do with panic attacks than bloodflow to my brain. The medication was working seemingly, and I was able to go to sleep and have way less worrying. My doctor recommended that I switch to Klonopin .5mg 2x a day as it is longer acting and would provide better long term management. Within 2 days I was having issues just as i did before starting medication. The doctor switched my prescription to 2mg 2x per day.

I went to the pharmacy to get my prescription, and then headed home. On the way home my brother was intoxicated and mad at me for something he misunderstood, and he called me over the phone to tell me he was coming to my house. He does not live with me, so this situation got me going and I did not want to deal with him being intoxicated again. I have never been drunk or tried alcohol in my life.

With all the drama unfolding, I went home and went to my bedroom. I opened my pill bottle and ingested 2 pills of Klonopin 2mg, which I know was one more than I was supposed to have taken, but I did so in a hectic situation that was very stressful for me and very unexpected. Roughly 20 minutes later my brother arrived, drunk as usual, and began yelling from upstairs challenging me to come upstairs and fight him.

The verbal bashing from my brother went on for another 15 minutes or so, and I remained in my bedroom, cleaning my fingernails trying to keep any situation from escalating at all. The event that follows this part of my story was completely unknown to me until I was being held at gunpoint by police in a field outside my house. At which point I had no clue what was going on, and I didnt notice the police pointing assault rifles at me until I was reminded that it happened 3 days later.

I was arrested and charged with 2 felony assault with a weapons charges and 2 misdemeanor partner/family member assault charges. I was given these charges due to apparently coming from downstairs with a pocket knife I had been scraping dirt from my fingernails with while trying to avoid any confrontation with my brother. Police reports indicate I went upstairs with said knife in hand and when my brother saw this, he ran out the back door, and apparently I briefly chased after him then stopped still inside the house.

My mother was in the kitchen when this happened and the report says I stopped chasing him and turned and looked at her, but didnt offer any threats. I then went outside into the front of the house in a stupor and walked around while my brother ran from the house to the road through a field. My mother called the police due to the situation being so out of character and out of hand. I got the partner/family member assault charges due to her being present.

When I was booked into jail, they put me in a suicide cell with no clothes, no blankets, no pillows. I was naked on a concrete floor until the next morning. I was still under the effects of the Klonopin and I asked several times what was going on and why I had been arrested. Even after being told by a jailor, nothing made any sense to me.

I was woke up and still was not in a normal state of mind, at which time the jailors made me take 2, 2mg pills once again, the same pills that caused the incident. They then removed me from the suicide cell and placed me with another inmate. I layed down and went to sleep immediately, only to be woke back up less than 30 minutes later and told that I had to see a judge. I was helped up from bed and they tried to tell me where to go, but I was stumbling into walls and falling over, so they led me to a room with a chair and a woman sitting before me.

The judge before me gave me papers to agree to explaining the charges, but I have extremely bad vision and as I tried to ask for my glasses, I was denied my glasses and I still have no idea what the papers said. I dont remember the rest of that time, but after i had apparently finished seeing the judge, my bail was raised from $10,000 to $30,000 and the charges were changed from assault to aggravated assault, due to the judge claiming I was rude and uncooperative.

I now am faced with a possible conviction of 42 years maximum and $100,000 worth of fines.

I took it upon myself to see a psychiatrist the same day I had intial court hearings. The doctor found me to have neurotic anxiety, sleep dysfunction, social phobia, attention deficit disorder, and above all else disinhibition with amnesia and rage, due to clonazepam. He have me a global assessment of functioning of 40-50.

Anyone reading, please feel free to give any feedback. I would appreciate it alot.
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