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My Steve9: School Education Tests Punishes Future Behaviours

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My Steve9: School Education Tests Punishes Future Behaviours

Postby steve9 » Wed Apr 12, 2017 2:55 am

A more complete title could have been: My Steve9: School Education Tests Punishes Human Motivation To Plan To Avoid Future Terrible Long Term Consequences.

This reading is about recognising downside consequences of starting a behaviour known to be avoided, to avoid drug and many avoidable behavioural addictions.

An intelligent idea is to plan ahead, yet I suggest, everyday school punishes human incentive to think further in the future than mere short term how humans feel now incentives.

Along with several other issues I have posted on this website arguing school education is bad for Homo-Sapien human intelligence development. I add to my list of complaints: School student's punishing incentives anxiety over future: studying for examinations; taking examinations; results of examinations; having obtained good examination scores to be bullied by bad examination scoring students; anxiety over having to complete tasks by a scheduled date; in fear of having more future tasks added to already burdening tasks. Are students looking forward to the next period of classroom tasks, I doubt the majority of students are looking forward to anything resembling classroom tasks, other than walking away from school buildings outside school confinements.

As rewards for completing tasks and examinations are few and nothing to look forward to, that tasks never seem to end, believed to continue for at least 13 years. The dread of planning a future seems to have school work tasks carried out as a first priority, blocking any incentive to plan a soon to come rewarding future, by fear of fight or flight emotionally self-programming a reduced incentive to care about planning to avoid terrible consequences on doing known self-medicating and distracting behaviours for reasons read in my other Google “my steve9” which lead to bad addictions.
To merely think to plan something, together with thought traumas, add years of being prompted by teachers to have tasks done by a future date, that to plan for tasks to be done adds memories of future mental stress to ideas of planning something and/or everything.

As young children enter into a competitive test/examination need to be up there with the winners, not to be seen by other children as a loser, children having low test scores, need to be constantly aware to raise self-esteem. Constant annual and/or weekly tests, planning for the future, studying, taking tests, finding out that many other students managed higher scores. I speculate, two problems arise from feeling as though students are failing to obtain the desired test scores:

#1... the need to raise self-esteem by bullying students whom may have scored higher scores, for whatever insignificant embarrassing character ideals can cause bullies to raise their own self-esteem to believe a change in criteria bullying by physical domination test scores have be won by a physically stronger bully.

#2... Planning for the future: anticipation of studying, not wanting to do studying to prepare for tests, increases mental stress, that with increased mental stress human behaviours lean towards needing increasing self-medication: fun; distracting endorphins inducing sports; bullying other children; ADHD hyperactivities better felt delusional assumptions...

In this reading, I suggest, early age self-programming punishment by planning a future objective, beginning at a now moment in time. School education forces children to copy from chalkboards day after day to eventually plan study sessions to carry out study sessions for future mentally stressful tests. Merely planning to go to school each day is an each day reinforced punishment thought process. Teachers assigning homework to be completed by a future date, punishing child self-programming to dread the next planned behaviour, that piling on tasks that need to be completed at some future time, that soon rebelling against planned pathway directions... repressed, punishing thoughts.

The down side behaviours to this repressive planned future pathways, are that together with the now need to feel pleasures to aid school classroom learning traumas: drug taking; smoking cigarettes; known incorrect compulsive behaviours, gambling, overly spending leading to credit card debt; criminal activities; anything that which is known to be a long term problem, gets taken up, totally disregarding/repressing thoughts of future downside results.

Australia has an illegal drug ICE consumption epidemic media are often mentioning. At the time April 10, 2017. an ABC television program has a rehabilitation 30 minute program, that many programs show what I call serious boring to watch and listen to presentations on drug addiction.
https://tv.press.abc.net.au/australian- ... abc-iview#

My expressed argument that a man standing in front of a group of desperate to change tattooed men, the man running the rehabilitation program is an authoritarian figure coming from their own ranks, placing authoritarian rules which must to obeyed. The rehabilitation program may work merely because the rehabilitation program is attempting to reverse what teachers and parents taught children by means of punishment persuaders how children defended their emotion self-esteem issues. As drug addicted adults trying to change, challenging self-programmed reactions with more authoritarian threats from a person coming from their own ranks, most men needing change would respect.

My question is: where I have never considered taking medicating pain relievers past aspirin... while I was attending school, I didn't care whether I did well in school tests or not, nor did teachers force the issue... why do many people begin to consume what is widely known to cause long term addiction, expensive to maintain an addiction, that criminal activities lead to jail terms, that police finding illegal to poses drugs on a person, can often send that person to jail; being that years later, most people are known to be fighting: drug addictions; smoking addictions; behavioural addictions; etc...?

My sudden thought that how can I introduce a new read worthy topic blaming school education, that mainstream media have once more ignored to explain drug addictions and/or many psychological problems.

Because mental stress does strange things to people, persuading child intelligent emotionally influence behaviours to follow better feeling behavioural pathways, that human instincts without too much thought follow feel good feel best solutions to that of moment by moment problems, taking substances that follow the feel good instinctive path must in all theory have been promoted by a emotionally torturous persuader, I constantly keeping going back to school education.

I have posted many postings on another forum website, constantly typing up readings which include school education as the cause of many evils. That most people believe what they're told by news readers and readings, yet neglect to think of what they're shown as far as supporting statements. Because school education is promoted as a good thing, I say school education under the control of self-interested hidden ideology government agendas controlling thoughts of whole populations, is not a good thing for individuals. What allows humans to have psychological problems and concerning addictions, allows governments to tell us what we as citizenry want to believe if only for the short term.

Constant mental stress bring out thought patterns of future more mental stress examinations during 13 years of schooling... torturous schooling must lead human behaviours to repress anything that suggests by doing something unwise which feels good now, the consequences of the future may not be very rewarding. That on feeling the word “future” or that need for planning for a future, instinctive reactions to do what is believed wrong for future consequences is ignored that a satisfaction of rebelling against authority figures' teachers and parents forcing more mentally stressful studying to pass future examinations, the ignoring authoritarian rules rewards the self-esteem emotion defiant drug taker; cigarette smoker; etc.

Because “A” grade students would often have more concerning parents, parents having taught their children how to: read; write; do basic maths before sending their children to school, help children with homework, A grade children suffer fewer issues mentioned above, mental stress would be more to do with boredom.
Students in lower grades than A grade, students have parents who leave education to schools, not being able or willing to aid children in their homework tasks, children suffering the above mentioned traumatised by planning ideas, as the grade letter moves further down scale, student's ability to learn to adapt worsens, planning becomes more traumatising to that of higher up the letter scale.
Teachers in order to hold their employment, need to force planning compliance onto students, increases mental stress anxiety levels than average student experienced mental stress levels. Students failing examinations, to which teachers continued warnings of failing examinations merely increases student traumas, to which, students emotionally developed self-programmed human knee-jerk quick instinctive reaction to ignore bad feelings, students are punished persuaded to follow a path of ignoring responsible planning and the long term downside consequences. The dislike for authoritarian rules, a hatred for being told what to do, the satisfaction of disobeying teachers and parents, doing what is known not to do regardless of consequences, downside addictions are rewarded by merely realising authoritarian rules have been ignored.

April 10, on this very day I began to type this reading, a midday ABC television guest Norman Swan of a national radio medical program, quoting a study on obesity, spoke how obesity is a problem among children. Obesity problem was “not” with rich class successful suburbs, obesity was as Radio National medical program host Norman Swan said, “poverty and lower levels of education”. The conversation was about a tax on sugar... “Not” that school education were to blame.
http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/pro ... ax/8431118

The below website blames cortisol for obesity rather than psychological behaviour to eat is to consume comfort food, eating distracts from boredom and feeling traumas. Eating induces much needed endorphins, yet knowing when to stop eating is somewhat a planning skill.
https://www.ucl.ac.uk/news/news-article ... to-obesity

Is their any mentioned ideas that obesity began during school education years? No; that adult stress behaviour realisation began in school? No; that merely doing employment work at worker's own pace, workers force their work, up to a level of stress felt while at school. Like cutting one's self, eating to feel pleasure after a stressful work session is a school learnt self-programmed behavioural addiction.
http://www.drozthegoodlife.com/healthy- ... ity-study/

My suggestion is that comfort food, is required to medicate and distract from school mental stress that getting fat is felt less of a problem than controlling everyday mental stress using fatty food and sugary soft drinks.
Children encouraged to do more sports to burn off fat, leads children down a sports pathway. On a side issue, future knee and hip replacement problematic surgery is one more future problem mainstream media journalists fails to mention.

“A” grade students may choose to pursue a future of high professional standards, wanting to achieve 100% examination scores, adding a degree of increased mental stress, that such behaviours may increase mental stress yet the rewards of achieving close to 100% examination scores may reward students for thinking about the future, hence A grade students are least likely to have tattoos on their body to achieve alternative to education self-esteem rewards.

Poor achieving school students attending school, aged 5 years children unprepared for learning academic studying, children will soon be traumatised by forced by teacher's bullying method learning, stressed children will repress school work, forcing poor academic performers into what's available adult manual labouring, that planning for something that is known not to happen (school work credential professional employment, going to college and/or university), punishes students need to care about thinking about a future as what this reading is about. That to mention the extreme, drug addiction is further medicating a failed waisted life, realised by the waisted time spent doing academic school work, competing against students they had no ability to beat, other than physical bullying.

The idea that school is not about learning, that schools are about credentials, showing future employers, students are capable of doing selective tasks better or worse than other students competing for the same employment.
The first day children begin school, teachers will assess whether children can: read; write; and do maths... whether children have parents prepared to aid their children's homework, suggesting better learning behaviours. After 13 years of schooling, the credentials haven't changed since the first day children attended school. Once an A grade student always an A grade student... as A grade students have an easier life associating with other well behaved A grade students.

Aged 6 years children partaking in a marshmallow demonstration. Child can eat one marshmallow now or wait several minutes to eat two marshmallows. Children waiting to eat two marshmallows are stated as being more successful in life. I tend to believe one marshmallow has too much sugar for a small child to eat at once, let-alone eating two marshmallows in one eating session.
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