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Advice (sorry if any triggers, discussing self-harm, suicide

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Advice (sorry if any triggers, discussing self-harm, suicide

Postby dc28 » Wed Jan 04, 2017 2:54 am

Hi, it's been a long time I've posted because I forgot my password. If anyone has issues with self-harm, I want advice. The break-up with an ex fiancé triggered a depressive episode which has kind of come back hard being the anniversary recently of when I met her. I've started cutting myself when the emotions go too much, but I've not told my family or any friends about the extent of it. I want to know how other people fight the urge. Also, my councillor wants to refer me to the mental health team for an assessment to speak to a psychiatrist, but the referral is not guaranteed yet. But I want to see a specialist. My mind feels in torture at times and I want to get it fixed. If the referral is rejected, is there any way I can see a specialist like a psychiatrist? I've had these bouts of depressions since adolescence. I've had other problems. I don't care whatever meds they would want to give. To me now it's that or death (sorry) even the councillor is concerned about my safety until next appointment. I think I may get to a point I need to spend some time in hospital. I don't know how friends and family will react. A little scared. Have been drinking a lot recently, but I use alcohol to self-medicate. It's another form of self-harm though because my councillor says it makes me more vulnerable (ended up in A and E a few days ago after an accident) I want this to end. I want to see a specialist and get it sorted. GPs are not much help (when I can even get an appointment to see them) not their fault but I just feel so desperate right now
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Re: Advice (sorry if any triggers, discussing self-harm, suicide

Postby sunshineNrainbows » Sun Jan 22, 2017 2:47 am

Hi, dc28. I think the reason no one's offered advice so far is because some of the best advice we can give is to pursue professional help. Since you've spoken to a counselor and are willing to work with a psychiatrist, you're already kicking butt in this department! You're addressing a debilitating problem with an open-mind and that open-mind can be your ticket out of those feelings of desperation and being overwhelmed with emotion. We're here to talk about anything you're experiencing and I'm proud you're seeking professional help. It can be one of the hardest but most important decisions we make.
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