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I'm frustrated, aggravated, and annoyed by everything...why?

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I'm frustrated, aggravated, and annoyed by everything...why?

Postby IBSer » Mon Apr 02, 2007 4:18 am

Nowadays I become easily annoyed or angry by the slightest misfortunate event or social interaction. For example, I'll notice a lot of yuppy girls on way to work who wear ugg boots, designer sunglasses, while sipping their Starbucks coffee. It's not exactly the style that bothers me but the fact that EVER GIRL HAS TO DRESS THE SAME WAY. Same situation for the guys too.

I've also noticed a pattern that occurs maybe once or twice every two weeks, where I become extremely annoyed, aggravated, and frustrated. These are worse than my usual days. It feels like my head is being weighed down and I constantly have my head in my hands. I just feel completely angry and hopeless with living like I could instantly give up and committ suicide (don't worry, I won't). Then a few hours later, maybe after watching some tv, I finally cool down. That's what happened yesterday but now I feel like I'm having another episode.

When I'm calm, my head feels cleared up so I can think without any distractions. But when I'm in that state of mind, I feel like I could lose it.

It's weird, I didn't notice a pattern until now. I've also recognized that there's usually an individual that annoys the hell out of me, and that happens to be someone I share residence with. Before it was my mother when I took a semester off and she kept bugging me about getting my act together, getting a part time job while I took time off, sticking with a career/major. Oh wait, there were actually two people. Before I left school it was my roommate there who drove me nuts. I simply couldn't stand the way he lived his life. Even little things like how I caught him not washing his hand after taking a dump, how he calls himself a vegetarian but his diet only consists of chips, soda, waffles, and taco bell bean burritos, and whenever he's on the phone with his mother he refers to her as "mommy." It also frustrated me that his priorities weren't straight when he felt perfectly comfortable after failing a test. That's just not normal.

Now the victim is my roommate who I share an apartment with (the other one was my dormmate). Much more intelligent and compromisable than the other guy but that's the problem; he's too passive. Anytime he says something he says it so sheepesly. Instead of asking, "How were your classes today?", he says, "so, uh, how were your, um, classes?" Never does he state his opinion without sounding so hesitant. Never does he say, "I'm hungry." That's too forward. More like, "uh, yeah, sure, I guess I could eat." Well, are you hungry or not?!

So, I guess my problem is I'm very judgemental of people and I make every flaw they posess much bigger than most would. It seems like I'm looking for perfectionism in the way people live their lives. Which reminds me of one more victim: an ex-girlfriend that I acted as a father figure around.

Do I have anger issues or something else? What is my diagnosis? Although I haven't been clinically diagnosed I am positive I have avoidant personality disorder and I'm at least heading towards dysthmia.

Thanks for your comments.
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