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I am a compulsive Gambler - My Story

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I am a compulsive Gambler - My Story

Postby Buddah23 » Mon Mar 28, 2011 7:25 pm

After years of thinking I can quit on my own, I have finally decided I need help. I am a compulsive Gambler

It all started at the age of 15 when I was introduced to online poker. What began innocently enough playing texas holdem spiraled violently out of control and after 3 weeks I was using my parents credit cards to deposit money into online casinos for blackjack. I lost over $8000 of money my parents did not have and felt horrible about it. I vowed to never play again. That lasted less then 3 months.

I began playing online poker on a regular basis, I stopped going out with my friends, didn't take care of myself, and literally became apathetic about everyone non-gambling related. Every time I had a big win I would find a way to sabotage myself by either increasing stakes or depositing more into online casinos. I decided to "get smart" about playing poker by introducing better bankroll management and staying away from the online casinos, I wanted to become a professional poker player.

I am not trying to brag but I became a very skilled poker player, my stats were fantastic and I thrived playing texas holdem tournaments and omaha hi/low at stakes anywhere from 15/30 - 75/150. I am trying to illustrate a point that no matter how well I did I always wanted to play higher and higher stakes to get that "rush" from playing. I went from having a $200,000 bankroll which took over 3 years to acquire to losing it all in just a matter of 3 weeks playing online slots and stakes which were well above my range.

Anyway, after 11 years on this roller coaster I have finally decided to quit and I realize now that I need to admit I have a problem. I appreciate you all for posting your stories as it has given me the courage to admit to myself and others that I am a compulsive gambler.

Take Care
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Re: I am a compulsive Gambler - My Story

Postby JimmyS1985 » Wed Mar 30, 2011 7:42 pm

Yea that would be quite a sum, 200k. I personally do not like the idea of putting up that kind of money on a game of cards. Granted poker can be a game of skill, but skill can only get you so far, or as we say in Black Jack, luck is no match for an unfriendly shoe.

To amass that kind of fortune, even in 3 years time means you probably have a good capability at amassing money and that can be converted into wealth. We all have a desire to make more than we earn, If I got a hankering for poker, I play $2 buy in with my friends and we get real competitive even though neither of us are going to get rich off of $2 buy ins. I've never been a gambling addict and perhaps I can not understand the feeling of needing to wager large amounts of money on a game of cards, but I recommend against playing anymore casino games with significant amounts of money on the line.

I play the stock market to feed my need to "gamble" but its not gambling, its called investing. Albeit you can also lose your shirt in the stock market, if your smart about it, just like in poker, you can amass a large amount of wealth to work for you rather than you being stuck working your job the rest of your life. I know they say that money doesn't grow on trees but in a bull-market it sure as heck feels like it and even if things go south, due to Wallstreet owning D.C. politicians, the tax-payers almost always step in to bail us wall-street types. At my meager earnings and dividend returns, Im well on my way to retiring early and having close to $2 million by the time Im 50. If I work a 2nd job and get those wages invested with a good compound interest return, I could increase my wealth by the time I am 50 even more.

I do understand compulsive spending moreso than compulsive gambling, I use to build street cars for drag racing and would spend ungodly amounts of money on stupid car modifications under the hope that some day I could gamble money on drag races against my car and win. I never once gambled and the car broke down so often I only went to the track 2x in my entire 5 years of tuning cars for drag-racing. The amount of compound interest I could of earned off what I stupidly put into cars alone could add up to several hundred thousand in perhaps 2 decades, but it all went away like a fart in the wind. As I say now, if I hadnt stupidly built up a POS unreliable 11 second MR2 Turbo 3-4 years ago, I could own a turn-key 9 second MR2 today plus close to 10k left over.

Anyways, be smart about your finances now that your willing to give up the dream of being a self-made millionaire from your poker skill, don't risk money on stupid card games or dice, or slot machines. Look into investing rather than attempting an easy way to financial success in life through winning poker games and such. This might go against the grain of compulsive-gambling forums but if I got a hankering to gamble, I play very low-stakes game, I am not willing to lose more than $50 when I enter a casino, and I visit this forum often enough to keep me scared from becoming an addict, through your guys stories on gambling addiction.

Stay strong, be smart
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Re: I am a compulsive Gambler - My Story

Postby maris » Wed Apr 20, 2011 2:28 am

hello mr.buddha23..

about your problem in gambling.
gambling is To play a game of chance for stakes and it is the wagering of money.
it is a good idea and you have a correct decision to quit gambling because this games can being you addicted.
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Re: I am a compulsive Gambler - My Story

Postby Win lose all loser » Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:08 pm

No matter how good you think you arre in gambling on whatever game's u play even 30% skill poker game as many claim it to be.... it's a matter of time one goes broke!
Win lose all loser
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