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Phantasm pain?

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Phantasm pain?

Postby devildog06305 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:19 pm

So I let my female alter Amara dress like a woman, you know makeup, girly clothing, fake breast, est.

So last night she got to dress up and I completely checked out i.e. gave her full control and she had the weirdest thing happen to her. She saids that she could feel her breast, I guess she hit one on a door and she swears she felt the pain of hitting her breast against the door, and then she saids when she hugged my girlfriend she could feel her press agents her so she asked my girlfriend to squeez on and she closed her eyes and she saids she felt her squeeze it.

Is that even possible?
I know that when someone had a body part amputated they can sometime still feel it but shes never had real breast.
Has anyone else had this happen?
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Re: Phantasm pain?

Postby ThatPerson » Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:14 pm

we're mostly males in here. But the thing is the body is female. We're transgendered stystem and sense it's mostly males, we transitioned. our manniversary was on march 19th. Two years on testosterone. Thing is, our brain has a male body map. Even though the body doesn't have it, we still feel our d*ck and balls. You kick us between the legs and we'll probably go down cuz that sh*t hurts and if you do it hard enough we can't even breath. I'm talking yeah, we've even sat on our nuts wrong. So yeah. It's a thing.

When I say a transgender system I mean whoever was host at three years old walked up to our mother and pulled a couple of socks out of our pants. Told her " I found my na-nas but I can't find my stick." And that's coming out of her mouth, not ours.
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