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possible mdd?

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possible mdd?

Postby jesusplay » Thu Jul 04, 2013 5:21 am

depressed and anxiety
no appetite most days, weight fluctuating, constipated for days
can't get comforatble too hot or to cold
fast heartbeat
losing short term thoughts , where I placed my keys or remote, my nephews name, recent thoughts
sleeping more than 12 hours a day or getting 2-4 hours of sleep in a single night/day
can't sleep at night, sleep through day, in bed all day
racing thoughts can't sleep when tired
irritated , yelling at mother and niece unintentionally, not realizing until afterwards
bad headaches
Can feel pain starting at my forehead, top of my head, my ears, down my neck, through my shoulders, my upper back….also feels like gravity is pulling me down harder
worrying about the future, past failures and mistakes,, can't imagine a future. I'm a failure
feel hopeless, thought about suicide just about every day, feelings like a deep fog. feels like a bad hangover most days
nothing interests me, everything feels pointless, feel hopeless
avoiding people, family, I have no friends.
I want to be left alone, but I don't want to be alone at the same time
haven't left room in the last month
room is a mess with dirty clothes and I'm hoarding snack wrappers and water empty water bottles, urinating in empty water bottles, only leave room to get food from kitchen.
I've been going weeks and days without brushing teeth and showering, whats the point
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Re: possible mdd?

Postby jilkens » Sun Jul 07, 2013 7:27 pm

Hi there,

It could be depression but there might also be something physical causing those symptoms. It's a good idea to go get checked. There are treatments for anxiety and depression that could help you break free of this.
Blame it on me, but know that I won't regret one iota.
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Re: possible mdd?

Postby Looking_to_help » Tue Jul 09, 2013 4:16 am

Hello there, while you do seem to have many symptoms of Major depressive disorder, there also seems to be some Anxiety disorder symptoms that you also mentioned (Fast heart beat, worrying-racing excessive thoughts, pains you have in your body). While this was a great first step posting here, best thing to do would be to see your Doctor to rule out any physical health issues AND also a Mental health professional (Counselor, Social Worker, Psychologist OR Psychiatrist) to have an evaluation.
Good luck with everything!
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Re: possible mdd?

Postby JasonL » Thu Jul 11, 2013 6:09 pm

I agree this was a good first step. I don't think you would be looking for and writing on this forum if you weren't ready to start getting help. I am just going to repeat the same things.

You could have major depression and it's not uncommon for a person to also have anxiety with it.

The human body is an amazing thing, it will react in different ways alerting you that something is not quite right. You need to listen to your heart, mind and body and act upon the alarms they are sending you.

Make the appointment to see your doctor. Explain to him/her what has been happening. His experience will be able to send you to the appropriate professionals you may need.

There are so many different treatments options these days.

Good Luck, make the call
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