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Any way to self-harm without any marks/scars?

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Any way to self-harm without any marks/scars?

Postby Mosse » Sun Sep 21, 2008 2:13 am

I used to cut a while ago, but then the scars started to get noticable... I've been trying to think of other ways but they either leave marks/scars or I don't feel pain long enough...
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Postby Efilsihcus » Sun Sep 21, 2008 9:58 am

It feels weird to respond to this cause I know we shouldn't self harm but what- I'm suddenly gonna say its wrong now when I do it? Anyway, this might sound really sissy but there are some really sensitive areas on your body, like I dunno maybe under your arm or the inside of your upper arm you know, anyway if you wanna feel pain try pinching or sticking your nails or something else non-penetrating in/on a sesitive area you will feel much pain. And then if you need to draw blood cut enough to draw blood but just not super deep. Then afterward put anti-septic on it and a good band-aid or strip or whatever it should heal with no scar. The scars on my forearm are all from this one time when I made like ten cuts and they got infected and didn't heal for ages. But if I take care of the wounds afterward then they heal really quickly.

But yeah- would be great if you didn't cut yourself at all but if you do at least take care of yourself buddy
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