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The block of days not moving

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The block of days not moving

Postby SelectiveBeauty » Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:19 pm

Hi. I am currently going through a depressive block.It is usually a few days to a week of numbness and depression.I really hate these periods and cannot wait for it to pass. I do not like to speak about myself too often. I was physically abused as a child, but not sexually. I was eventually removed from the situation. I am grateful it was not sexual. I believe their was too much hate and resentment for that to occur. It was broken bones, bruises, biting, and other things. It was the biting that was noticed and resulted in my removal from the situation. Does anyone else do so well for periods and then have a block of depression.
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Re: The block of days not moving

Postby Terry E. » Thu Jun 22, 2017 6:08 am

A very interesting post that I can understand.

I read last year about a group in England that was looking at suicides of young men. The medical industry had been looking at them as depression and trying to medicate the problem.

One researcher came to the conclusion that if your family home life was crap, leading to below standard education, you have no support system, your job prospects accordingly, are crap, then you are not medically depressed. Your life is crap and that is how any sane person would feel.

These people don't need drugs they need real help..

Anyway they have started the debate on that and we will see where that one goes.

and so on to you.

Yep if you sort through some of my posts it is not a pretty story. Not sure who was luckier. The ones taken out of that world or the ones left in it, although they desperately tried to get away. (my claim to fame here is nose broken by more than one family member - neither one my father). I guess it depends on how lucky you are with where they put you, and it is just that luck.

But yes I had some very dark days. People would say the usual things "you are just depressed". My answer was "if you could give me a drug that could clean out all those memories I will take it, but I don't subscribe to happy pills, although they may help.

What we have is not a chemical unbalance in the brain (maybe it is, but if so that is a coincidence).

I subscribe to the "I will not let them destroy me and will battle to have a good life". The living well is the best revenge, philosophy.

anyway, very sorry about your childhood/life. I hope you have found someone who you can care/share with. It helps.

Can I ask who the abuser/abusers were ??
Terry E.
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