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Is my mom abusing me or is it my fault?

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Is my mom abusing me or is it my fault?

Postby FluffyKitty » Tue Mar 21, 2017 5:45 am

My mom has been rude to me and slapped me and called me names ever since she devorsed my dad. She screams and stalmps around when she gets mad and slams doors like a child. She calls me rude names and compares me to my dad. It hurts a lot but I don't know why she dose it. I get snappy sometimes and might have a rude tone of voice and when I do she freaks out and yells at me and when I try to defend myself she gets even more loud. She says I abuse her and says since she is my mom she can say whatever she wants. She tells everyone how bad of a child I am and my sisters even help her gang up on me. She treats me like I'm a dog that won't submit. It's hard to deal with it, it's been happening since I was 9, I am a teen *small edit-pm to follow*. I have never got her, called her names, or insulted her. I can never talk about my feelings because she says they are stupid. She hasn't ever taken me to the dentist and refuses to take me to the eye doctor because "my eyes are fine". She says I'm crazy for being depressed. She is the only one who says I am rude, everybody loves me and thinks I am awesome. I can't help but blame myself sometimes, she treats me just like she did her last few husbands and my oldest sister. Her husband now let's her walk all over him, anyone who tries to rebel from her is horrible.
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Re: Is my mom abusing me or is it my fault?

Postby quietgirl2538 » Sat Mar 25, 2017 1:18 pm

To me, from what you share, it sounds like emotional and verbal abuse and if she is slapping you a lot, then it can be also be seen as physical abuse. But it more sounds like emotional and verbal abuse. I went through some of that myself so I recognize some of what you share. If you are intentionally talking back to her just to be mean, then that would be considered your fault. But if you listen to her and say something like, "Can I say something here?" And proceed to explain why you did or said what you are accused of, then that can help calm her down. As a mom, myself, and having two teens, I sometimes feel that when they respond to me in a certain tone, I feel that it is disrespectful of them to me as their mom and as an adult. I don't mistreat them, but it feels like I can't say anything to them or they will talk back to me in an ugly manner. This is only my experience as a mom. I'm not saying that you are like this. It's just an example to explain what I mean about talking to her in a calm and respectful way. It still does not in any way excuse her calling you names or putting your sisters against you. That is wrong and unfair treatment. So my answer to your question is that yes, your mom is abusing you. And I do believe you when you share that she treats others like her husbands in that same manner. She has a personality that is shown by her words and her actions and that behavior is not just towards you, but to them too, as it is proven in how she treats them.
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