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Has anyone ever been wrongly diagnosed? *Need advice*

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Has anyone ever been wrongly diagnosed? *Need advice*

Postby Jane1982 » Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:35 pm


Firstly I would like to say I am new here. I hope I am made welcome. :)
About a year ago I received a Schizophrenia diagnoses. I could never really comprehend this because I never heard voices, hallucinated, or matched the disease in general. Anyway, I tried my best to understand it, but just couldn't.

I was diagnosed at a clinic that specialised in psychosis, and little else.

I feel that have taken what I have told them to an extreme and given me a diagnoses in something they feel they can treat me with.

Anyway, after a year I felt like I was still having problems that my treatment wasn't covering.
I have bad impulse control, I constantly worry about what other people are thinking of me and I live with a constant fear of being abandoned. This has caused problems for me in relationships because I accuse people of things that they haven't said or done, and then beg them not to leave me. I have real problems seeing that it's me that has done anything wrong...I HATE to admit my faults.

Because of this I have been accused of being psychotic. I was put on antipsychotics for a year but to no real help. That's when I started trying to address the problems I have by reading around the internet about these symptoms, and I found BPD!

So I wondered, has anyone else been wrongly diagnosed on here, before being diagnosed with BPD.

I have nothing against being a schizophrenic, but I just wasn't gettting the help I needed for the symptoms I mentioned.

I am grateful for any advice, hope it makes sense!
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Re: Has anyone ever been wrongly diagnosed? *Need advice*

Postby Justin205 » Sat Oct 20, 2012 6:52 pm

I have been diagnosed with Low Latent Inhibition without the mention of BPD. After research, I have found that my BPD side and behavior shows it's ugly face much more than driving my self crazy (with the low latent inhibiiton). I still exuberate numerous traits of LI....but the BPD is definitely my major problem. I just wanted to be normal.
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Re: Has anyone ever been wrongly diagnosed? *Need advice*

Postby rosemont » Sat Oct 20, 2012 7:29 pm

I've spent years being told I have depression, OCD and social anxiety disorder (all of this is true), but I have had poor reactions to medications and have very high moods so the possibility of bipolar had been thrown around for a while too but not diagnosed. I have a lot of problems with impulse control, fear of abandonment, splitting etc, and most recently my psych suggested BPD (tentatively and without a proper diagnosis because he doesn't like the give that dx lightly) and reading up on it, I definitely relate to the symptoms and criteria like a million times more than cut and paste depression. I still feel like bipolar could be a possibility for me too, and I definitely have a lot of comorbid disorders, but I think a lot of them intertwine with BPD and I hope I don't keep being misdiagnosed because it's unhelpful.
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