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Summer/Changes by shivaatlantis on Thu Jan 29, 2015 8:14 am
I don't know if anyone else is wanting to summer to get here. I love the look of snow but I am tired of cold. *Need to get back into class mode. Better get university minded. *Travel is the only thing on my brain here.* Finish book* relationship progression*vacation to a spa*deck the car out* Auntie responsibilities*redecorating house*Get busy NOT having a long term relationship*Name change again* move states*move apartments*get busy with my novel writings *more practice in my artistic endeavors.*Have more fun feeling the need to be a teenager*work more hours and move the pavement*Therapy?*Get back into working out.*Wanting MUSE-ic on blaring*wanting a new flavored E-Cig*Dating M*Dating W*Dating both.* Dating neither.
A lot of inners pulling in all directions. Antidepressants nearly void in my biological system now.;) Yes, they were controlling my inner Posse, but no more. FYI(I will protect all who spoke here from ANYONE!!!!)

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Three binges in a row by jacknn on Thu Oct 08, 2015 2:25 am
Th 8.10.15
The following is today's entry in my diary.
It's the third day in a row, or so, that I've binged.
I seem "to know" quite a bit about my tendency to binge, and, yet, keep binging.

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scared by creepydork on Thu Oct 08, 2015 12:47 am
I don't want this.

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Stuggling to keep it together by NobleGas18 on Wed Oct 07, 2015 6:05 pm
This is my first post, I am 17 and attempted to overdose nearly three months ago. Unfortunately, I passed out and woke up a week and a half later with a terrible headache. However, I later found...

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I actually feel..good about myself? by Mordor on Wed Oct 07, 2015 2:17 pm
I actually looked at myself in the mirror this morning, something that I have struggled to do for awhile and at first I saw an ugly person I hated. I looked again and I saw a very disheveled person, in...

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Clean up all night! by OMNICELL on Wed Oct 07, 2015 5:24 am
Housing inspection in the morning!

I wont pass; but, thats OK! Ive called the landlords to let them know whats not working!

But I got to stay up all night and clean

It's seriously horrifying!...

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Re: verbal vomit by Ada on Wed Oct 07, 2015 6:55 pm
That's quite the job to have. [Being a hermit, I mean. Volunteering is just cool in general.]

Cool that you could say yes to dinner with her. No small deal, with AvPD?

RE: Stuggling to keep it together by NobleGas18 on Wed Oct 07, 2015 6:07 pm
Oh, and please excuse any grammar errors. I am currently operating on 2 hours of sleep.

Re: verbal vomit by Hepzibah Pynchon on Wed Oct 07, 2015 4:44 pm
Thanks snaga, love your signature. Atavistic!

Re: Stuff by Mordor on Tue Oct 06, 2015 11:16 pm
You'll be happy to know my therapist actually called me after an upsetting phone call I gave her when the incident happened with my best friend (3-4 days ago). She was out of town so she couldn't respond...

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Re: Stuff by Ada on Tue Oct 06, 2015 8:49 pm
Ah. When I do it myself. It's because I think I have more evidence than I really have about a situation. I think- "She's angry with me because I did X and Y." Then it turns out she's not...

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