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About me and how I need help psychologically... by bookofwildthoughts on Tue Feb 21, 2012 2:44 pm
About me and how I need help psychologically...

So this page is all about me, myself and my book of wild thoughts. Obviously my name is not Bookof!! I’m intending to keep anonymity at least for now; that’s because I’m a bit ashamed of what I write! I did not even link it to my own personal Facebook profile, I preferred to create a different entity, and this is being applied onto all my self-owned social network profiles. Besides, it’s in my constitutional rights to do so and if anybody’s got a problem with that, well…. Door’s open, please go !!

So what is book of wild thoughts all about, I can hear you mumbling… As said above, this book is all about me and my personality and how I’m intending, with the help of all my readers, to achieve in linking them harmoniously. There are other areas I’m looking forward to improve as well: my own English writing style, some books and stories I wanted to publish. So this website is all about gathering enough courage in me to really do what I always wanted :) !!

I’ll probably add some more text in the future for that’s all I feel like writing at the moment; my wife’s nearly finished with cooking dinner and it’s about time to wrap the napkin around the closet, oops sorry! I meant around the neck;

Just to let you know how it took me days before I started to lay my hands on my own personal blog, I even threw up out of eating whatever came in, I think it’s the stress LOL ! I don’t know why such a reaction would occur to me, maybe I got too lazy to start working on it… So you can guess by now, or I can already hear you screaming, “How am I supposed to know that?? Ain’t you old enough to know it (oh, btw, how rude of me, I’m male, thirties, and married. Where were my manners!?) yourself why are you asking me??”

So here we go: my answer is exactly your question, I don’t know myself enough and this has caused me (and is still causing me) tremendous trouble in whatever I do, whoever I lived with, in all what you can think of! This lack of personality, of self-esteem has brought me to where I am at present, a lousy web developer after 10 years in the field and writing this blog! Of course, I managed to get a nice girl to fall in love with, a little plot of land I managed to get on a good opportunity, but ‘all’ this achievement (LOL) seems so small as compared to the $#%^ I brought to my family, my wife and luckily no kids so far! Imagine the disaster, for my wife: 2 stubborn kids in the house!

So many of my friends have excelled in the field, they took courage, had the balls still have, and grabbed life with firm hands to build their dreams and be happy with their life now. It would have sounded so selfish if I had ended this sentence with “except me”!! I have a great family, wonderful parents whom I never blame for where I’m standing now, a wonderful wife who has accepted to bear me for three years now and a nice work atmosphere, what more could I want? What more would a man need to start flying on his own ship and start his business ‘happily ever after’ ??

So all these lines of thought, these wild thoughts (I’ve got more, don’t worry!!) have led me to share my life and my own thoughts into a small book which I’ll update online of course, from time to time. I’ll be pretty close with it, since I’m intending to use it anywhere I’ll be, using my mobile phone; yes, even when I’m taking a $#%^ !

That’s because it’s better to be writing something than doing anything else #######5, how about that !?

Thanks for reading my article down to here and hope I can get to read your comments very soon!

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My Best Friends Step dad harasses me and him by 339737 on Sat Nov 14, 2015 2:58 am
This all started about a year and a half ago. I was spending the night at my best friends house for the first time and i got a little warm so i was changing into a tank top and while i had my shirt off...

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+ Johnny and The Cupcake Girl + by mushybaNaNaNa on Fri Oct 30, 2015 9:34 pm
----Every new day can change one's life; Every new experience can deepen the realm within ones world. These notions run parallel, to the story of Johnny and The Cupcake Girl----

(Character Background....

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Depersonalization/derealization/borderline personality by Meeyowzah on Sun Aug 30, 2015 8:13 am
Ive been struggling with depersonalization for a few months now. It began after a year long 24/7 battle with extreme social anxiety and fear. My brain has shut down and i dont feel fear anymore or nervousness....

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Schizophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorder *May Trigger* by crazy_banana on Wed Aug 26, 2015 5:15 am
I am Rose, an alter of Anna. She is 15, I am 16. I am always with her, watching, observing what happens. I control her memories and what she remembers. I know all of her memories from the very beginning,...

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I Just Want to have Successful Sex by lost_confused21 on Sun Jul 19, 2015 2:00 am
My Fiance won't stop masturbating. We've been together for a year and a half. In that time, we've had sex at least twice a week, average. And he has been able to finish only a handful of times. I have...

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Re: AvPD, SAD, lack of eye contact, and fear of being touched? by wonderme on Wed Aug 05, 2015 8:20 pm
Hello Ashley! I never received a formal diagnosis but like yourself I have avoidant tendencies. I was prescribed medication for anxiety in the past which resulted in an unhealthy habit first followed by...

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Re: My first entry, thank you whoever reads this by Ada on Wed Jan 28, 2015 6:37 pm
You're welcome here, Joshy. I'm glad you found the forum. :)

Maybe come and say hello in ...

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Re: Can't say no to sex by snaga2.0 on Sat Jan 17, 2015 6:46 am
Well,I sure hate to see a young woman treat herself that way. The pressure to have sex has, I suppose, always been strong but in these times it seems more than ever, and as an increasingly younger age....

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Re: What should I do (urgent!)? by passingthrough on Fri Jan 02, 2015 11:54 am
if you can afford it, i recommend a good psychiatrist. i am in the same boat about seeing one, mainly cause i've had so many issues in the past with them and i realize their just a person.

Re: am i anattention seeker by Ada on Fri Nov 21, 2014 7:45 pm
Welcome to the forum, la187. I'm sorry you haven't had more replies. We do most of our chat in the forums themselves. And mostly use blogs for self reflective posting. Because, at least for me. I...

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