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A Very Strange Day, by C.Nic & Nic S
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The "Stay Safe" boredom response.

Permanent Linkby NicS on Mon Aug 29, 2011 7:52 pm

Confetti Button! Yay!

So, in this forum post (http://www.psychforums.com/dissociative-identity/topic71838.html), a guy named Toast (NO, NOT THE CLAPPING GUY. STOP ASKING.) says his alter Talon hurt him. And when he tried to ask him to stop, Talon just laughed.

We found this HILARIOUS. This isn't hilarious like "Schadenfreude" hilarious. More like "We've been there" hilarious. We used to have this problem, both with TK and C. Nic.

First, it was TK. He attacked a teacher, my girlfriend (during sex and during lunchtime in High School), a few classmates who "Knew" of him, and has clawed and spat on a few people whom he just generally hated (Wannabe Gangsters are #1 on his list). He stopped because he finally faced facts: He wanted to kill people. He was a blood junkie. We figured out a way to suppress his urges to kill things, and to this day, he's a great guy so long as he's not going crazy with bloodlust.

As for C, he had a tendency to cut us for fun. Scars attract chicks, chicks=sex. That was the thinking here. It wasn't until he got that cutting yourself with a knife makes you look more emo and, therefore, less sexy to the "chicks" he wanted, and more to fat "chicks" he loathed. We still have them on my arm.

So, in the end, if you can't beat em, help em realize their true reasoning behind their senseless violence. C wanted to get laid. TK likes blood. C did stupid $#%^. TK couldn't help it. Whatever the reasoning is, looking back at it, I think saltwater could have helped in a lot of scenarios. But, in the end, if you can't figure out whats really up, or they just wont tell you, or they lie about their motives to hide their true motivations, ###$ it. Beat the hell out of yourself, Fight Club style and get institutionalized. Worked for Moses!

Confusing answer? Yes. CONFETTI BUTTON!!!

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