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Our rape and their "Protective Services" (A C.Nic Rant)

Permanent Linkby NicS on Fri Oct 14, 2011 3:45 am

First off, 18+ gentlemen (And... I guess... ladies too...), please watch this to get a full view of what I'm speaking about:

As a rape victim myself, I gotta say I enjoy porn a lot more after watching this. Seriously, I don't know why, but its so much better knowing I'm pissing off the women who are supposedly protecting my interests. I've moved past the incidents (15+ times over 2 years, and possibly more we don't remember). They seem to focus on it. I'm offended that my pain that contributed to both my DID and my abusers eventual suicide (Which I do take sick pleasure in...) has helped get these ladies very lavish offices. We are rape victims, Zack especially. I don't know if I have been, but we all know in the system Zack took a lot of it in the ass. We give him slack for it, and he takes it with thanks. Its all fine. Its our way of getting past the incidents, moving on. Were always told to be strong and let go of bad feelings; well, we have. Having a bitch like the ladies in the video talk about something we've done Pre-AND-Post rape leading to us raping someone else is not only offensive on a level I cannot discuss, but if I ever was disposed to actually rape someone at gunpoint, like in Se7en, I would rather die. We wouldn't rape anyone, ever, cause we know what its like. Why the ###$ would we spread that pain?

Because of my rape, I believe I am capable of taking on everything. Does that make me a good person? We'll see, but the message is clear: Porn isn't going to make me rape anybody else. And I don't value women less because of it either. I actually respect women in power waaaaay more than men. Nancy Pelosi? Hillary Clinton? Barbra Boxer? Who cares if they're @@@@@@@, they got $#%^ done. And I would bet my future government salary by saying one of them had some $#%^ happen to them in their childhood that made them say "###$ that. I wanna end that for good".

In fact, I would argue that between our rape and the hours of porn we have consumed (bad word choice?), we are actually more pro-woman, pro-sex education (NOT ABSTINENCE-ONLY. That $#%^ has never worked, ever, and I have the stats from the ######6 South to prove it), and ###$ most politicians than anything else. No, Porn didn't make me anti-establishment or anarchist, the ######6 fact that no one my age can find a job and everyone we knew from the past 10 years my age is forced to live with their parents or at a smaller house because their old home was foreclosed on even though they were making regular payments, so I've decided to try and run for City Council or Mayor, Governor or President even when the time comes, if nothing is fixed. Although, if nothing is fixed within 15 years, I'm sure porn is what everyone will be watching as the world continues to crumble around them. It was what SEC officials were doing (Yes, Doing. Verb.) as the market collapsed in 2008. (Yes, that's real, heres the damn link: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/inspector-sec-staff-watched-porn-during-crisis-2010-04-23).

Unfortunately, as we've seen with this Congress, we can't deal with irrationality with rationality. It will never work. So, I propose we hang Child Porn in Times Square for 2 hours. Thats right. CHILD porn. Why child porn? Because it makes a bigger impact. And, as the images of Times Square flood the nightly news, with giant banners blurred out because of FCC regulation, we watch as the Christians and the Muslims fly into a panic, begging for them to be torn down and track the son of a bitch who put them up. (Meanwhile, the Catholics see no deal with this). Then they see that they're on the same page, the Christians & the Muslims. And they become friends, and gang up on the Catholics for not being anti-child porn. Catholics are shamed, and the War in Iraq/Iran/Egypt/Libya/India/Germany will be over.

And all this is coming from the ramblings of a rape victim planning for a future that, really, won't ever happen, but its nice to think bad can create good. Like porn and my thinking, or drugs and Kevin Smith films.


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