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DID Fascination by C.Nic

Permanent Linkby NicS on Tue Feb 14, 2012 5:44 am

If your FASCINATED (see what I did there, #####&? Eh? EH?!) by the whole "Tagged Questions, Part 1 of 8" deal, don't worry; it'll be coming back after this. I just need to rant. Yes, a ######6 gain.
So, recently, Netflix added "United States of Tara" to its streaming service. USoT is a show that was on Shotime for a good 3-4 years, and its about a woman with multiple personalities. I decided that since so many people on the forums loved the show, maybe we should check it out. And it is ######6 INCREDIBLE.

So its not as extreme and #######4 as I was told. Some of it is quite realistic, albeit slow for us, but its not "Sybil"-style overexaggeration. Well, most of the ######6 time.

But there is this one character that Tara is making some kind of mural for in her living room, St. Johns or something, (I'm only on the first 5 episodes so far, so lay off #####&), and MY GOD... whoever the actress is that played her deserves a ######6 Emmy for her realistic role.

She is the "Fascinated" one. And for those without DID reading this, you need to understand the basics of "Coming out". Its basically like coming out, saying your gay to your mother or whomever you ######6 desire, but once you get the courage to actually say "I am mentally ill", the person (or group) being told is instantly divided into 4 groups (that we know of):
1. The "Oh, well that explains a lot" crowd. These are the guys who, for YEARS now, have liked you because your weird, or your "Mood swings" somehow entertain them. Assholes. Anyways, these guys like you, and by telling them, it helps explain you as a person.
2. The "Fascinated" crowd. Basically the "So, when you switch, do you feel anything/remember anything/" BLAH BLAH BLAH. You know that one kid in class who has to know the ######6 answer to EVERYTHING?! Thats this person. They find DID so incredible that they just need to know EVERYTHING about the ######6 disorder. I'll explain more in a sec.
3. The "Your joshin' me!" crowd. The guys who are borderline groups 1 and 4. They're basically the guys who think "I don't believe this is a real disorder, but at the same time it does explain so much".
4. The "LIAR!" crowd. These guys think DID is fake, just a ploy for attention, and a cheap one at that. These assholes are the main reason people don't want to come out, in ANY situation. "Mom, I'm gay", "Honey, get the cross. Were preforming an exorcism tonight". That kind of stupidity.

Now, when coming out, of course groups 1-3 will be the ones you aim for, and I have no problem answering questions about our DID to group #2... but my GOD. Why the ###$ do they just ramble on?!

We have gotten a reputation for being brutally ######6 honest at our school. So we get a lot of secrets, cause people know were good. We know some deep personal $#%^ that most people wouldn't want shouted on a ######6 loudspeaker system at school, right? So why do they expect us to be calm when they ask, say, Zack, or Nic "So, do you remember anything about being raped?" or "Do you remember the last time you've had sex?"

Nic doesn't believe we've even had sex, its so vague to him! Its like a dream, really: He sees the real memory like its a 35mm anamorphic widescreen movie, and the reel is only 2 or 3 seconds long. He doesn't see memories like you would, he sees them in little flashes, like subliminal messaging or something.

Our annoyance from these guys who are just fascinated by the disorder is that the questions never stop. I told 12 people last May (2011, OK?!) that Nic was mentally ill and had DID. 7 haven't talked to us since, 2 just accepted it and moved the ###$ on. But the rest are still ######6 asking about $#%^ that we frankly don't care about. We've literally had to stop talking to THEM its gotten so bad.

So if you know someone with DID and want to ask questions, go ahead. But get them over with. Quickly. And if you want to ask something later, thats fine too. Its like when you want to ask a ######6 question in class and you forgot what you wanted to say; just ask the teacher/professor some other time, right? We won't bite your head off, but if we rudely avoid YOU, thats when you know you've gone too far.

Actually, I guess that applies to everything, doesn't it? Heh. Well, how about that?! "Life Lessons from C.Nic, #####&". A Scholastic Publishing House book.

>>NEXT TIME: Part 2 of 8.

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