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How killing can solve problems for you easy

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How killing can solve problems for you easy

Postby yYyYy » Sat Jul 14, 2012 4:39 am

A new kind of torture was beginning for me, the rest hadn't been enough.
New torments, new slavery!

Then a vigorous, deep voice called me. I got frightened and started running. Someone was running after me, a hand grasped me gently from behind. It was _____.
I surrendered.
"It's you?" I said unsteadily. "You gave me such a scare!"
He looked at me, and his gaze had never been more like that of an adult, a superior man of penetrating intelligence, than it now was. It was a long time since we had spoken to each other.
"I'm sorry," he said in his polite, but very resolute way. "But listen, no one should let himself get so scared" "Well, it can happen." "Apparently. But look: if you jump like that when someone comes along who has never harmed you, that someone starts to think about it (...)
I'd like to do an experiment with you; t's entertaining and you can learn something very useful from it. Pay attention!--Well, from time to time I attempt a trick called mind reading (...)
Now just one more question. Do you know the name of the boy who walked away from here a while ago?"
I got terribly frightened; my secret, now that it had been touched on, cringed painfully as it withdrew inside me, unwilling to face the light.
"What kind of boy? There was no boy here, just me."
He laughed.
"I'd just like to tell you one thing again since we've come this far--you ought to get rid of that fellow! If it can be done any other way, kill him! I'd be impressed and pleased if you did. I'd even help you."
I got frightened again. I suddenly recalled the story of Cain once more. The situation felt creepy and I started to cry softly. There was too much weirdness in the air.
"All right then," ____ smiled. "Get along home! We'll settle things yet. Though killing him would be the simplest thing. In such matters the simplest method is always the best. It's no good for you to remain in your friend Kromer's hands."

from one of my favorite books written by Hesse. I put ____ instead of name to aid you with your imagination,

What kind of problems you currently have in life, can be practically solved through killing?
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