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My Boyfriend broke up with me 2nd time..jealous daughter

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My Boyfriend broke up with me 2nd time..jealous daughter

Postby danjam » Sat Apr 15, 2006 6:04 pm

My boyfriend and I ended again after just 6 months of dating. The first time we were together 8 months and he broke up with me because I was going back to college and had a 18 year old daughter taking my time up. We were seperted 10 months and got back together after my daughter moved out. Then we were together 6 months and his daughter who absolutely hates me and has a strong attachment for her "daddy" would give me dirty looks behind hi back, take my place next to him on the couch if I got up and undermine me every chance she got.

He was feeling the tension and I was hte expendable one. His Daughter is almost 18 and he has a son 13 (who loved me). I feel sad he said that it was him not me (which means most likely it was me) and I picked up my stuff yesterday at his house with no one there and left the key as we arranged. I feel #######5 I have loved this man for 2 years.



Postby danjam » Sat Apr 15, 2006 6:54 pm

Hi daughter hates her mother because the mother is an alcoholic. She actually dislikes all women who are older and has no close friends never had a date and is over weight. I tried to communicate with her but didn't work to hard on it because of the negative feedback.

Her "daddy" didn't really clear the way for me to let her know I didn't like her behavior. She would leave him notes all over about his drs appts, taking out the trash, and would go to work with him a lot.

One day we were fixing my car outside and she is extremely messy and hadn't cleaned her car in 2 years and decided to be out there with us...everytime he went inside she followed, and everytime he came out she followed. She would sit on the couch next to him cuddling (she is almost 18!) and put the dog on the other side so my place was taken and there was no spot for me.

I understand him putting his kids first but I also don't know why he brought me back into his life if they were first. He was on a dating site and stopped it after we got back together.

He is hurting he says but I felt like I was in a stressful situation where whatever I did was going to cause issues. I work a lot go to school and he had lots of time alone with them. I wanted him to make more time for me when we had it and let her know that he needed to do that. Instead he let her be there ALL the time like a threesome deal.

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