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Lost all my confidence in my cookery again

Last tuesday not this week the week before, I were in accident and emergency hospital as i burnt my hand. I were heating up my alpro custard in the microwave which i did read the instructions which said 1 minute heat, then stir and then in another 1 minute. after i took the jug out of the microwave and then it started boiling in my hand it hit my hand and i got badly burnt ...
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Breast Cancer

Hi, my mom has breast cancer and is now in stage IV. It is in the bone so it is metastasis. About a year ago they got it out of her breast, but they never checked her back/spine that I'm aware of. I guess it is new there.

I mainly want to know what can be done besides radiation.
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Weird Bleeding?

Okay so I think I've answered my own question already, but I want some perspective, if I may.

So... my period came, as scheduled, on the 26th and ended on the 29th. That's pretty typical for me.
I'm bleeding today.

I read that irregular bleeding can happen when you stop birth control.
I had an incident involving my tampon removing my nuvaring and it not being able to be recovered, so I'm off birth control ...
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i cant stop crying.. someone please help me

i have this problem and it affects me all the time
i cant stop crying.. i feel things that make me confused.. my head always hurts and i feel suicidal
my feelings are so mixed i dont know what to feel or think sometimes i see things that are not even there
i feel pissed off and angry
i feel hurt like someones hurting my feelings
no one understands
please help.. i am only ...
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being a young woman

So as a young women sometimes i like being a women but a lot of the times i don't. I accept that i am this sex and am okay with it but somethings i feel and dislike about being a women our 1 i feel as a women i am more vulnerable to being kidnapped killed and raped 2 there's a lot of pressure on woman to be thin or be the most beautiful which ...
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Hormones, peri-menopause and MH Sx

I'm seeing my doctors, so I'm not just coming here, but has anyone else going through, or have gone through, perimenopause and menopause notice that their mental health symptoms (whatever they may be) increase?

My PTSD sx are out the window, I've become agoraphobic and have panic attacks I never had before, I have rage issues and no patience any longer for "bs". I'm far more emotionally sensitive and paranoid of others. I'm inundated with ...
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very bad headache

I have this very painful headache that’s killing me. I wake up very early in the morning just to take an ibuprofen. Then when I go to school, it’s still painful so I take another ibuprofen. Lunch time comes and no headache. After school, there’s also no headache up until I go to bed. Then I wake up again early in the morning and the headache is back. It’s been like that for that past ...
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I'm usually part of the BDD forum, but since I noticed the women's health area, I was just curous if anyone else here lives with dysmenorrhea, and any coping strategies you can advise. I've been dealing with it ever since school, and now at 26, it seems to have gotten worse than it used to be. When I was in school my periods were at their worst, often lasting 10 days and extremely painful and ...
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Women's health

When is it safe to have sex after an abortion?
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