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Im not sure what to do anymore

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 2 years. And threw those 2 years his addiction has made its self known. We have made it past the lying and stealing... Well so i thought. I have sat with him threw the withdraws and the restless nights and the sweats and chills... All of it. Hes been on suboxone for a little bit of time now and they are starting to wean him off of ...
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Help me help him

Okay. So a little back ground. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 2 years. We have a 3 year old that is not biological his but he has taken all respomsiblities of our son as if he were. Now to this issues. My boyfriend has been battling with addiction wayyy before i came into the picture and i was oblivious to it when we started dating. Had no clue. Threw the months in ...
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teenager and drinking

you guys might think this is weird so please dont judge. i am a teenager who uses drinking to numb my feeling i have a history with selfharm and have recently moved on to drinking my dad and grandad are both alchoholics so getting alchhol isnt hard. i drink almost every night and wondering when i should be concerned that its getting out of hand?
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Can Molly have permanent effects?

I've suddenly been going on 3-4 walks a day, from maybe 4-5 a week.. It's weird, but I have an itch to just move, just get out and exercise, I could walk over 10 miles a day now no problem, day after day after day, do pushups, and just be active... it's not bad, but my problem with it is, it's only come after I took some MDMA, did that have permanent effects on me? ...
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Out of rehab, what should I throw away (medication wise)

Hi, I've just arrived home from rehab and I have a few meds that I think I should throw away. I was also going to throw away my weed pipe, but I think i might've thrown it away already or my mom threw it away. Anyways, I have a GABA bottle. It's over the counter and it has never gotten me high before. But I also want to be aware of mood altering substances and ...
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steroids as a way of life

i use steroids. And i've also become a self administered TRT patient. what that means is that i give my self testosterone injections at a low dose when i'm not doing a "steroid cycle." i'm essentially not able to make testosterone anymore so i must supplement it and counteract the ball shrinkage with HCG. on a cycle i go from *mod edit* MG a week to *mod edit* MG a week. i also add in ...
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When lying is natural as breathing, it's no longer personal

This largely a PSA for significant others and family members to think about. I understand it hurt to be lied to and you may feel like a sacred trust was violated. For me, giving in to drugs and alcohol when others around me were against it meant that lying was part of the package deal, not a separate offense. It might sound like a cop out and maybe it is, but you can't lock lies ...
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prescription euphoric guilt and mild anxiety

This is kind of an odd feeling that I know I need to get past. I have suffered from type 2 bipolar depression a long time. I am finally being a lot more proactive in getting care.

I used to have a lot of problems with alcohol and drugs. I still have some issues; I had to come clean with my primary and tell her not to give me the tasty cough medicine anymore and ...
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Addicted to constant stimulation/drugs

I hate feeling anything bad- i feel like i had enough of that my entire childhood and well into adulthood from a horrid family. I love my family but in a very detached way and i cant say ANYTHING without it being brought down. I did the "im so healed" garbage for years and it never got me anywhere..Tons of self help books and videos for YEARS being sober and succeeding at things never made ...
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I can't keep doing this

This is a first for me.
Over the past I'm not sure how long, I have been relying on drugs to survive in my everyday life. I have a rather successful but stressful job and a lot of responsibilities outside of this that I am struggling to deal with. So I submerge myself in ketamine, mdma, cocaine and pretty much anything I can get my hands on to get me through the day. This problem ...
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