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Being a husband and a father drove me to Opiates/Kratom

I know I know. I’m a horrible person. But, it’s true. I have had horrible anxiety all my life, and am highly emotionally susceptible to criticism due to verbal abuse as a child, and that will never change. Now, I’m the husband of a 7-yr-old boy who has the complete opposite personality of mine (he’s hyper and demands attention all the time, I’m laid back and like to be left alone), and a wife who ...
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Terrified - need advice

Hello...Maybe someone can answer my questions...

I have been on and off with Benzos, Xanax, Valium, and Klonopin. I have always been so nervous that I would take them nearly every day, sometimes more than I'm suppose to and would often gain a tolerance. Recently, I was placed back on Klonopin after discussing with my doctor my feelings about my Xanax no longer working... I felt as though after an hour passed by I would ...
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Think benzos made me hypersensitive to everything?

Hello, I'm 21 yrs old and was diagnosed with having a psychotic break back in 2013. Long story, short I felt so elated I thought of castrating myself to achieve "happiness" and when the reality set in a year later that I wouldn't achieve my goals I crashed really badly, attempted suicide and attacked a family member.

I was prescribed abilify (aripriprazole) and prozac. I stopped taking these in 2016 when I turned 18 as ...
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Mental Health and Substance Abuse (in need of help)

I am someone who is suffering from undiagnosed and untreated mental health issue/issues. I self medicate with Alcohol, Marijuana, Nicotine, and a pretty absurd amount of Coffee to keep me going through a normal day. I need help/advice

The Story ---

I left the trucking industry after I had realized that it was not something that I wanted to do in life. At that time I was 21. *In a single year I had ...
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Having Lots of CRAVINGS

Just recently I have been having lots of cravings for liquor and beer. I miss the warm burning and the warming sensation as my brain fog clears. I know I would do more harm than good, but a drink would be very appealing right now. Im going on 6 months sober. Smoke a ton of weed still, but it does not compare to being downright drunk. Dulling all the pain. What should I do? Any ...
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Does anyone else opt-out of permanent sobriety and chip?

I will elaborate. I was wondering if anyone else has experimented with or been successful using drugs only occasionally to very rarely instead of trying to maintain constant and absolute sobriety. For me personally, I was addicted to heroin through intravenous route of administration in 2015-2016 and instead of trying to stay completely sober, I quit cold turkey and began to use a few times a month. This grew to only being once a month, ...
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How to get my $#%^ together!


Probably some kind of stupid question cause its all on me but need some help or tips. Situation is like this. I separated in april 2018. Have 2 small boys. So separation was rough and was not smooth sailing and definitely left some mark. I kind of have a little of addictive personality and some self esteem issues. First months was great I was enjoying free time but now the blues started to kick ...
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State of Emergency

Addiction is a funny thing. One moment you feel that you have got it under control and suddenly one day it comes back. Just for today is all you have.

I've got to just get through today, that's all I can concern myself with right now. Calls from my sponsor on the hour. If I can get through today...
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Mile stone of sorts

Today I am 8 months clean from my DOC. Today also marks the day that I overdosed which led to being sectioned in a lock down facility.

Someone in my fellowship who was in the same lock down facility mentioned how different I am today to what I was. I initially rejected what he said because I still feel like the same POS that I was when I was locked in. Looking back though, I ...
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Weed Addiction

I am just wondering if there is anyone addicted to Marijuana, is it even addictive? I am finding I use it more and more lately and I am scared that I am becoming addicted to it. Without it I can not fall asleep, my mind races and I can not settle. Am I becoming an addict? If so I will get help but I want to know if anyone has had this experience.
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