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You are not alone.

You may be surprised to know how many people stutter or stammer. There have been many famous people who have had this tendency. I would call it a tendency rather than a problem in order to reduce the anxiety related to it. The kings of England and Britain who stuttered or stammered: Charles I; George III; in recent times, George VI; Annie Glenn, the wife of John Glen the space hero; Thomas Wolfe, the famous ...
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My stutter is ruining my life

I've had a mild/moderate stutter since year 3. I am now 20 years old and before it never bothered me that badly it was just embarrassing, but now it's crippling because I have so many negative feelings towards it. Lately, I've been having bouts of anxiety and depression and a major factor to all my fears, negative thoughts anger is towards my stutter and how I feel defeated. Tbh I'm not sure if the issue ...
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My experience with stuttering, what helped me, and support

So, when I was sixteen I started stuttering bad. It was difficult for me to form words without stumbling through every word I said. I couldn't say anything without my words getting cut off and having to keep starting over. It slowly stopped over the years. Here's somethings that helped me. I practiced speaking alone. Yes, it can feel a little humiliating, but it helps. If you can't think of something to say, try reading ...
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Techniques of natural chewing motion to overcome stuttering

After I wrote the posts on my experience with stuttering, about the cause and the techniques I experimented with to overcome it, I realized that I probably went to the deep end in too much of the background and observations, and wasn't too clear about the details of the techniques involved. So I want to get into more details of the techniques in this post.

The basic premise is, the movements involved in speaking should ...
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Saliva interference as a cause of speech impediment

I have my own situation with stuttering. I can speak normally, I will not attempt public speaking, but I can speak normally in normal situations.

I think that the cause of stuttering is physical and physiological, the parts involved are basic and the failure mechanism is simple, it happens inside the mouth, with the tongue, saliva and the chewing motion of the mouth. It’s not other parts of your body, your mind or the environment, ...
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Stuttering and Public Speaking

Hey there! I have some stuttering problems, but they're related to my OCD and therefore are pretty abnormal. So I have a question. I find that my stutter does not affect my public speaking. I actually enjoy public speaking, and am very successful with it. I am wondering how much stutters affect others with public speaking.
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Temporary or stress induced stutters?

So I came across an odd situation and I like to know if any of you are in a similar situation or have seen such a thing. My friend sort of disappeared for a few weeks. When she returned, she revealed that she had been ill, but didn't specify what happened. She mentioned going to a hospital the whole time.
Now, I immediately noticed she had developed a pretty significant stutter.
However, the very next ...
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A movie changed my life

I am stuttered my whole life and when I joined the Navy they sent me to speak therapy before they would let me out to the fleet. This was after years of therapy when I was a young. I still stuttered a bit here and there and it was still really bad when i would use a phone. I hated phones so much.

I then had this strang encounter one day and meet this stranger ...
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Thiamin Hydrochloride or Mononitrate for stuttering?

For those who have taken both versions of Thiamin (hydrocloride and mononitrate), which version works better?

(As a brief background, daily thiamin (vitamin B1) supplementation has been shown to improve fluency for about 30% of stutterers.)
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I stutter, my friend beat their stutter, now its my turn!


I have a friend who use to stutter, he wasn't born with it, it started when he was 13yo (just starting out in high school). I believe there are two types of stutterers, people who are born with it and people who have a late onset.

As for me, I was born with it, however at the age of 5 I quickly overcame my stutter with speech therapy. From 5yo to 12yo my stutter ...
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