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Asking questions to doctors

This isn't really a social phobia related question, I think.

I've been given a new kind of painkiller, which I'm very happy about. I asked specifically to try something else because I'm in a lot of pain which prevents me from having a good quality of life and also keeps me up many nights and the painkillers I'm using now aren't working very well. I've always been a little skeptical of new medications. I feel ...
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Anyone a computer programmer from SoCal?

Hey i'm looking to connect with SAers in SoCal who are computer programmers from. I'm looking to make new friends with folks who have same interest. We can help each other overcome SA and grow our careers! I believe in myself when i say i will overcome this :)
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Saying cognitive statments in a safe place?

Does this work? I thought it's best to say rational statements when you are in a provoking situation in order to diffuse it. I LITERALLY don't understand how will saying them off-situation help...PLEASE someone explain, really curious to know...
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Extreme anxiety in social settings

Hello, I am a 23 year old guy.
I had a very normal high school life, I was full of friends and I enjoyed going out, partying, meeting a lot of new people and to do small talk.
After finishing school I started moving around for university reasons and I lost most of my previous friends.
Now it's my next-to-last year of university and I find it extremely difficult to enjoy going out. I always ...
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Do you believe people can read your mind?

If you believe people can LITERALLY hear your thoughts or know what you are thinking then you should join our Facebook group to get support and share ideas...best wishes!

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Feeling stuck

Seeking some kind of support or help..
I've overcome many hurdles caused by this fear, but these new crossroads come with struggle, as i still have selective mutism, A freeze response that makes me look stupid.. and almost feels like i cannot read people anymore, i dont know what their wants or intentions are while speaking.
I deeply want to connect but i seem to have no ability to anymore..
Can i hope that time ...
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My parent's dont believe me

so basically, im not sure if i have social phobia/anxiety, but i do show some symptoms of it and have alot in common with people in this forum. so i want to go to a psychiatrist to get a diagnosis and to know if i do have it or not. but my parents are very skeptical about alot of things, including this. they know that i have a very low self-esteem and that i get ...
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Tired of being sad and worrying bout what people think of me

Hello everyone,

My story’s quite a long one. I’m a 23 year old guy who’s been struggling with some things over the last couple of years.

During my fourth year at med school, which is now 2 years ago, I had a mental breakdown. I felt very exhausted and couldn’t find the motivation to study for my exams anymore, which was a big contrast to the years before. I consistently rank among the top of ...
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I can't make female friends

I'm a 21 year old female and I haven't had a female friend since high school. I was 16 years old the last time I made a new friend who was a girl, and I've only had five close female friends over the course of my life. I'm longing for close relationships with other girls but I always feel so awkward around them. For years I have only been able to be friends with boys/men ...
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I feel like I can never deserve love or romance

Hi! My issue is about not being able to have romantic relationships because of the anxiety it brings me. I'm 23 and have never had a boyfriend. There's nothing wrong with me from the outside looking, in fact, I always have admirers and guys who ask me out. I'm funny, nice and quite good looking. However, I have a super hard time developing feelings for guys, and the few ones I really fall for never ...
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