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Lost interest in sex and see no chance for a relationship

Hi there,

One year ago I started loosing my interest in sex. I noticed that I can go without masturbation for a long time. I started looking at women with appreciation, but not desire and passion. Being in this predicament I have tried to find help from several doctors. It all seams to be without finding the cause.
Now I face few problems:

1. I don't know how to find what my problem is. I ...
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Masterson were you addressing it to me?

My bf cums through oral only.

He is interested in trying anal sex (and i think it is b/c he feels he might come through this). I haven't quite warmed up to it just yet.

As I said he cums through oral and will stay hard forever with regular sex, but doesn't ejaculate.

How can I differentiate what is treatable RE (does this sound like it)? How can I know if he is perhaps not ...
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whats wrong?

OK I did'nt know where to post this and hopfully you guys wont get mad about me posting. But it has been scary for me I'm 16 male I have never had sex but ever since I was 7-8 maybe I had bumps on my private they look just like ingrown hairs without the hair. im trying to be least graphic I can be hopuflly you wont get mad it was really hard letting this ...
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Does Mastrubation loosens up Vagina??

I am new to having sex, but I have been doing mastrubation since 10 years.

When i had it with my boy friend recently, he said it is loose n not tight. And when i said that i was mastrubating, then he said it might have loosened the vagina.. and he was not feeling great with the intercourse.

My doubt is does it happen... like that.... Many do mastrubate.... So what is the solution for ...
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Antidepressant Use & Ejaculation Disorders

While most of the time anti-depressants cause retarded ejaculation or total anorgasmia, has anyone experienced problems with premature ejaculation while being treated with anti-depressants?

My husband and I have been experiencing this and the timing seems to coincide with the beginning of his treatment for depression. He is taking Wellbutrin and Lexapro. I have visited both of the websites for these drugs and while they mention sexual side effects, none of them are specific to ...
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Alcohol and RE

Ok, I have to ask, despite reading all the posts. I am 32, boyfriend is 33. We have been together off and on for 7 years. Crucial fact, I believe he is an alcoholic. He drinks pretty much every night. He gets off work around 1230 or 1 AM 3-4 nights a week, and then aaround 6 pm the other nights. On the nights that he gets off around 6 pm, he will drink for ...
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I imagine this one is going to cause a stir but I hope I can get some rational non-aggressive replies. I would ask that if you don't have anything to offer beyond criticism and/or ridicule, please refrain from replying to this thread as I hope this to be an informative discussion, not a free for all.

I am a woman and I oftentimes have an overwhelming desire to have sexual contact with an animal, or ...
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Avoiding relationships to avoid sex

I'm not sure if this is the right forum so I apologize in advance.

I'm 34, African-American with a college degree and job. But I've never had a boyfriend and am still a virgin.

I don't consider myself attractive, am overweight and its difficult for me to make friends. I usually go to work and come home and never go out on the weekends. I also don't drive because I have a fear of being ...
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premature ejaculation

Is this common and what are the causes?
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Situational Retarded Ejaculation

I'm looking for information on the ability to achieve orgasm with some partners but not others. Patient checks out phsically and problem is psychogenic. Patient is able to achieve orgasm with strangers and prostitutes but cannot ejaculate by any means in a normal relationship. Patient has been unable to ejaculate with his wife at all during their 13 year marriage.

Sensate Focus therapy has failed in this case. Looking for a less demand oriented therapy.
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