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Unusual sexual trigger

I have experienced an unusual sexual trigger which I am confused about. I don't what to do about it or where to get help.
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I need some help here

Can someone guide me t o proper forum of this group

I need to ask this question that
some 17 years ago i went to a psychiatrist for treatment of
lack of public speaking ability

his medicine did wonder but also started a kind of dryness and made me thirsty for tea

at the start his medicines ended depression. masturbation and made me confident to talk to people but

also made my throat ...
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Acetylcholine for sexual performance anxiety?

I've battled sexual performance anxiety (coital anxiety, I am able to attain an erection but lose it just before penetration) for over 20 years but a combination of Cialis + oral phentolamine as needed was very effective for the last 10 years or so.

It seems, however, that Cialis has stopped for working for me and now I'm working on a new regimen.

Because erections start in the brain, I've been looking for a centrally ...
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My fetish has grown, now what.

I have acquired a nylon foot fetish by older females in my family who thought it was harmless. Now the fetish has grown and only get aroused be my senses coming in contact with nylons. Fantasy and reality are becoming blurred with scenarios playing in my head and I feel that it will get the better if me.
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Shooting pains in Perineum

Hi folks,
I sometimes experience shooting pains that seem to emanate from my perineum (behind my balls and in front of my anus) and shoot upwards inside my lower body.

This has happened on and off throughout my entire childhood and adult life. I could be sitting or standing... and all of a sudden... Fazzzzooooooooommmmmmmm.

I suddenly shout out in pain and double over. People around would look surprised and ask if I was ok. ...
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I have done a few sexually dysfunctional things.

I have done a few sexually dysfunctional things in my life. About 2 or 3 times I did dubious things I have guilt for. Other things have actual names which I have done so many times. I have once hacked in to somebodies account without their knowledge, but it was because I had been talked in to crimal activity against my will and I did not know how to handle it. I have also had ...
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Dysfunctional relationships.

I have had many dysfunctional relationships. Actually, as a young girl I simply did sexual things with practically anyone who asked me nomatter what I actually thought of them. This also escalated in to doing something illegal that I might not mention for legal reasons with the person I lost my virginity with. I had no feelings for him and he persuaded me against my will to break the law in a very bad way. ...
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Penis infection


I have a new problem that needs to be solved. I think I got an penis infection yesterday. I masturbated and bled. I cut myself on the penis. My skin is very thin due to an autoimmune skin disease. It happens to me sometimes to have cuts on the skin of the penis and to bleed. But yesterday, the place where I cut myself inflated, swollen and became a big bump on my penis. ...
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Hypersensitivity towards women resulting in ED

Hi guys, I'm a male in my early 30's and after enjoying a sex life with partners for the first few years of my 20's, the sex now is very rare and unsatisfying and my ED has become more prevalent with time.

The main factor towards this is a heightened sensitivity to female attitudes towards sex. Their indifference, their mild desire and often their afflicted position towards sexuality in society and media. I'm a HSP ...
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I feel attracted to criminals.

All kinds of criminals.
And it really is something that makes me feel different/weird. :(
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