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Using The Breath To Breakthrough Bipolar

Hello My name is John, For 10 years I suffered with Bipolar Disorder. By the word suffered, I mean it! However I am now free of mental conflict. Mentally I am at peace. By the use of breath mastery techniques I have raised my awareness beyond the disfunction of Bipolar. Anyone can do this. Simply and gradually the veil can be lifted and the brain and mind can develop to a higher level of consciouness. ...
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Re: does anyone self esteem problems

Hey im babygirl911 and i have self esteem problems like everytime when i look in the mirror i just feel even more worse and people even say im ugly my family doesnt think so but they're suppose to say that i dont know i just feel really ugly and i feel like i'll never have a boyfriend and maybe thats why i'm scared to get close to anyone so if you guys got any advice ...
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Aspies Speak book

Has anyone read the recent release "Wait, What Do You Mean?" Asperger's Tell and Show? Several persons from PsychForums are quoted.
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A Specific NPD Book

I'm looking for a specific book about NPD, or with a section on NPD, that I found while Googling. I think it was on Google Books. When describing NPD, instead of breaking it down the usual DSM way, it split the behaviors and symptoms into categories of type of function. But now, of course, I can't remember any key phrases or anything in order to be able to find it again (plus I've been drinking). ...
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Desire makes it impossible to get what you want

Ok so I know this might be kinda off topic for this forum but it was the best I could find. It IS self-help relevent though =). SO anyways I just watched this video and this guy makes some good points but also seems like he's just talking circles.. Could I get some intelligent feedback on this. He really interests me but.. idk. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAeSgsQtYNE
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Emotional Vampires. People who drain you dry

There is a book called Emotional Vampires: Dealing With People Who Drain You Dry

Clinical psychologist and business consultant Albert Bernstein’s Emotional Vampires: Dealing with People Who Drain You Dry is a humorous yet serious look at our interactions with people who seem to sap our energy. Through anecdotes, Bernstein makes the various categories of vampires distinctive and recognizable (Anti-Social, Histrionic, Narcissistic, Obssessive-Compulsive and Paranoid) and offers practical guidance for how readers can deal with ...
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books for multiple diagnosises

anyone know of any books for people like me who have multiple diagnosises or if not maybe good books for the seperate disorders, I was diagnosed bipolar, borderline personality disorder, severe anxiety, and ptsd I am looking for any information I can find on helping to cope and better understanding my disorders as well as living with them. I have yet to find a way to cope with all of them everytime I think I ...
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Hello, I'm new to the forums

My name is John Smith,
I want to tell you a bit about myself, the problem I had, how I deal with it, and how I try to help people like me.

I suffered from low self esteem until last year,
when I decided that my life needs a drastic change.
It was really hard for me to get started, because I didn’t believe I can make this kind of change in my life. ...
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Self Esteem Book Review Request

Hello all!

I've recently published a book on Amazon entitled 48 Self esteem Activities for Women: Powerful Exercises for Overcoming Low Self Esteem Plus 50 Positive Affirmations on How to Love Yourself! I'd love to send a free digital version of the book to folks who'd be willing to read it and, if you like it, post honest reviews on Amazon.

If you're interested in reviewing it for me, I'd so greatly appreciate it! You ...
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Great Book to Read on Obsessive love

Found a great book to read which although not about HPD specifically will resonate with lots of people here who are still obsessing about our "lost loves" :cry: ...although the contents may not apply to everyone here, it does explain in laymans terrms how many of us are sucked in to dysfunctional relationships with "damaged partners" because of our own "dysfunctional" upbringing...(even if you ...
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