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Depakote and trilafon

doc just prescribed new meds.


Depakote 1x 500 mg at night
Trilafon 2x 4mg

Any experience with these meds?

Not afraid to take trilafon, only concern is it messing with my hormones and weight gain. I had these problems with Risperidone. Guessing it would be the same thing?

I take gabapentin 3x 400mg for sleep, mood, anxiety

I'm kind of afraid of the depakote. I think he prescribed it for anxiety.

Can you tell ...
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Hi is anyone taking Phosphatidylserine with antipsychotic? Please let me know your experience.

Thank you!
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How do you search for specific topic on this forum?

Hi I am new here.
I have delusional disorder and I am on invega. I was trying to search if there are posts on invega but I can’t figure out how.
Is there a search capabilities on this forum if I want search for specific content on the posts, like medication names?

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K2 Messed Me Up. Any Solutions Besides Medication?


My name is "Insaneinthemembranes" (lol have to use a little humor :P). Lets just say thats my name for now. I have lived quite a difficult life getting in quite a bit of legal troubles. I always have been a cautious man because of my unorthodox lifestyle. I have recently been using K2 (synthetic cannabinoid) for about 12 months. It has been about 7 months since ...
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Husband is having a delusion - please help, anyone

My husband of 2 years is delusional - he believes his insides are twisted/not aligned and that he can repair this problem by moving, contorting and breathing. He believes he is the only person in the world that can do this and that he is a medical miracle. He has had x-rays, cat scans, blood tests etc and there isn't anything physically wrong with him. His first episode was in April this year...I let it ...
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Vent--delusional partner

First off, let me say that I have suffered from manic and psychotic episodes in the past and I believe that my partner's current delusions were caused by trauma from my psychotic break three months ago. My psychosis originated from traumatic childhood memories and research into ritual abuse. During this break, I believed that I was being manipulated by a universal cult and that my partner was literally God and that they would kill me ...
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Everything is made out of puzzles

I've recently been put back on topamax and since then I have been on a record 3 day psychosis seeing everything made out 4 dimensional puzzles. Like the fabric of reality. Has anyone else had this experience before? It would be interesting.

I'm Schizotypal/Latent Schizophrenic so I can tell that it is an hallucination but I still feel like they might mean something whether it be spiritual or psychological while going through them.
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Does anything work?

I can’t get this person to seek help. Everyday and everything comes back to this delusion that I took her million dollar lottery money. There are other things like she thinks I am constantly cheating on her, She thinks she is an angel, etc. She tries to get back at me and makes me suffer constantly. A few years this has been going on. I have tried everything as I am sure most people have. ...
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Haloperidol (Haldol) experiences please.

Switching from 20mg olanzapine (zyprexa) to Haloperidol (Haldol) already done my weaning which was not pleasant start Haloperidol tomorrow any experiences please?
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